Mark Murphy: Hayward probable for tomorrow. Said he has…

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Tim Bontemps: Brad Stevens says Gordon Hayward had a strong workout this morning. Won’t play today but says he expects him to be probable after today - meaning he’ll likely be back for Christmas Day in Toronto.
Gordon Hayward broke his left hand four weeks ago against the San Antonio Spurs. Today, the former All-Star wing told reporters that he could return tomorrow to face the Cleveland Cavaliers. “Tomorrow’s a possibility,” he said. “See how I feel when I wake up, go through shoot-around, see how it goes.”
Chris Forsberg: Gordon Hayward on his broken hand… "Bone has healed, probably stronger than my right hand. There’s a plate in there with screws. The bone is good. … Tomorrow’s a possibility. See how I feel when I wake up, go through shootaround, see how it goes."
The four week return would be much earlier than the initial six week prognosis, which is partly because of quick healing, and partly by design. “I think as it’s steadily improving and can do more and more, you start to think coming back a little bit earlier,” Hayward said. “I think you set the timeline a little bit later than what you’re hoping for just so that you guys and everyone else isn’t like, ‘If you’re late like, what’s the deal?’”
Hayward added that he expects to be dealing with effects from the injury throughout the season. “It’s definitely something where, hopefully not the rest of the season, but certainly a lengthy part of the season, I’m going to have to continue to get treatment, continue to ice it and kind of manage some of the symptoms," Hayward said. "I don’t want it to get hit again, but I’m sure it will get hit again, and when that happens it’ll be sore. So I’ll manage that. But it’ll be something I deal with for the rest of the year.”
The initial Celtics timetable had Hayward projected to return six weeks after the surgery just ahead of Christmas and there has been no adjustment to that plan as of now. “It’s still hard to say exactly,” Hayward admitted when asked about a return plan. “But we have some good days here at home where I can practice and really do the things I want to do and kind of feel it out and see how it responds. I did a lot on it today, so I think it’s going to be more sore. It might swell up, so hopefully as soon as I’m done here go ice it and get some of the swelling down and kind of just take it day by day.”
On Tuesday, Hayward practiced with the team -- stepping aside for live run to be an official, according to Brad Stevens -- but he did something resembling contact drills with Celtics coaches. “I played a little kind of like hybrid contact today with coaches and stuff,” Hayward told reporters. “It’s definitely sore and I think that’s something I’ve got to work through. I’ve got to work through that to make my hand stronger, and hopefully over the next couple of days I can do that and get it kind of more the same strength of my right hand. I think it’s going to be a little while, and plus I was right-hand dominant anyway. So it’s definitely going to probably not be the exact same, but get it more strengthened so the percentage is closer to my right.”
Jay King: Gordon Hayward expects for deal with symptoms from his injury for a while after he returns. He did some structured contact drills with coaches today, cracked that they’re not exactly NBA players.
A. Sherrod Blakely: Gordon Hayward will have another meeting on Monday via FaceTime with his doctor to discuss the healing process on his surgically repaired left hand to see what's the next step in his recovery process, according to #Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.
Tim Bontemps: In other injury news, Stevens says Gordon Hayward’s recovery from surgery to repair a broken bone in his hand is “on pace.” Adds that rookie Tremont Waters, who was called up from the G-League today and is on a two-way, will be active if Walker doesn’t play against Sacramento.
Tom Westerholm: Brad Stevens says Gordon Hayward started shooting again this week. He doesn’t expect Hayward to lose much on that end, which is a positive with his injury.
"It’s a drop in a bucket, for sure,” said Hayward, meeting with reporters before Wednesday’s game against the Washington Wizards. "Like I said, happy that it shouldn’t be that long. Obviously frustrated — it sucks watching and not being able to go out there and play, especially with the start that we’ve had. I think this time around, I’ll be able to run around, use my legs still, maintain my conditioning, which I’m very thrilled about and then be around the team, too. And kinda stay involved, which is good.”
Hayward said surgeons inserted both a pin and a plate at the fracture to both stabilize and expedite the recovery process. He will not travel at the start of Boston’s upcoming five-game trip out west and will have a follow-up with the hand surgeon in New York while waiting for clearance to travel. Hayward appeared in good spirits despite the injury. His splint is already covered in drawings from his two oldest daughters, Charlotte and Bernadette. Despite his advice on color choices, he maintained a “Daddy’s Always Happy” face when detailing what his daughters sketched.
Jay King: Gordon Hayward said once the bone is healed it could become a pain tolerance thing. He thinks it could be helpful that it’s on his left hand.
A. Sherrod Blakely: Brad Stevens said #Celtics Gordon Hayward (left hand fracture) had surgery beginning at 5 pm and the team will have update shortly after it is over.
Jared Weiss: Stevens said Hayward started surgery at five but update won’t come til after game. Brad asked for diagnosis: “It’s a broken hand...It was a metatarsal, I’m sure.”
If it is a simple metacarpal fracture, what’s the best-case scenario for something like that generally? Dr, Flynn: With surgery, four weeks is feasible. Surgery can speed things up but the hand surgeon needs to decide if it would be necessary.
What’s the worst-case scenario for Hayward with this type of injury? For instance, Steph Curry is out at least three months after suffering his broken hand and having surgery? Why was that worse? Dr. Flynn: Curry had a second metacarpal fracture that was likely much more complex and possibly involved the joint.
Mark Murphy: Marcus Smart on losing Gordon Hayward: "We love seeing Gordon the way he’s been playing. We love seeing that Gordon. We just all feel so bad for him because he worked so hard to come back from one injury, with all the things he’s been doing, and now this happens."
Tim Bontemps: Celtics say Aron Baynes and Gordon Hayward are both questionable for tonight’s game against the Spurs, while Jayson Tatum is doubtful after taking a hard fall late in last night’s loss in Charlotte and Al Horford remains out to rest his knee.
Jared Weiss: Horford will rest against Charlotte while Hayward remains out due to his concussion per the team. Baynes remains out, but all 3 could be back Sunday vs. SA.
Steve Bulpett: Stevens on Hayward (concussion protocol): "I don't know if he's officially been ruled out (Saturday v Charlotte), but it's likely that he's out. He felt a lot better the last couple of days, has gone through every progression OK, so we'll see if he's available Sunday."
John Karalis: Brad Stevens says Gordon Hayward has progressed well and might be available tomorrow. Aron Baynes had an MRI that was very encouraging and he might not be out as long as originally feared
Gary Washburn: No Gordon Hayward at #Celtics practice in Charlotte. RJ Hunter and PJ Dozier are here.
Jay King: Brad Stevens doesn’t know what concussion protocol means for Gordon Hayward’s status the rest of the week. Guessed he will be doubtful for Wednesday’s game against the 76ers, could join the Celtics in time for Saturday’s meeting with Charlotte. But certainly nothing set in stone.
Chris Grenham: Gordon Hayward is officially out tonight due to the concussion protocol. Robert Williams is sick and also out, while Al Horford is available, per the team.
Jared Weiss: Brad Stevens sent Gordon Hayward home at halftime after straining his neck and being woozy after the hit to John Collins’ shoulder.
Hayward has in fact been playing for the Celtics all season. But there's a difference between being back and being back. And that difference, more than anything else, explains why the Celtics enter Saturday's game mired in fifth place in the Eastern Conference, having so far failed to live up to their lofty preseason expectations. "I think with each month I feel more comfortable," Hayward told ESPN last week. "Sometimes, I need to remind myself it's good to even be out there, and to try to find the joy in just playing, [and] not get frustrated if things aren't going exactly how I want them to."
Scott Souza: #Celtics coach Brad Stevens confirms both Jaylen Brown & Gordon Hayward (both sick) are back tonight. Aron Baynes starts for Al Horford (knee). Brown & Hayward remain off bench.
Tom Westerholm: The Celtics’ injury report for Washington includes Baynes and Horford (both questionable) and Hayward (doubtful with his illness). No Kyrie, however, which is a good sign.
Chris Forsberg: Celtics list Jaylen Brown (Right Low Back Bruise) as doubtful vs New Orleans. Terry Rozier (Left Knee Soreness) is probable. Gordon Hayward off the injury list and should be back after sitting out the second night of a back to back.
Tim Bontemps: Stevens downplayed any long-term issues with Hayward's ankle. Hayward is currently in the hallway outside Boston's locker room doing some exercises. Appears to be a maintenance situation.
Scott Souza: #Celtics Brad Stevens: Gordon Hayward will play tonight, still on minute restriction. Hayward will start.
Hayward still believes he can lift his game to a new level. He still aims to deliver titles and maximize his individual potential, but when he speaks about what he ultimately wants to accomplish, he lists skills rather than accolades. He wants to sharpen his decision-making in pick-and-rolls and dribble handoffs. He believes he can see the floor better, inflict more punishment on smaller defenders, and take advantage of all the space the Celtics’ style should afford. Hayward wants to avoid focusing on All-Star berths. This season, after all the anguish, and monotonous rehab, Hayward’s priority is to stay on the court. “Get through this year healthy,” he said of his priorities during a phone interview this week.
Gordon Hayward says he is managing back soreness that was getting "progressively worse" as the Boston Celtics forward prepared for the regular-season opener next week. Hayward, who did not play in Saturday's preseason finale against the Cleveland Cavaliers, told reporters Wednesday that his back has bothered him in the past but that he would typically recover quickly. This time, the soreness lingered, Hayward said.
"That's what made me feel like I needed to dial it back a little bit," Hayward said. "In the past, it's bothered me but always calmed down and was fine with treatments and stuff. But this time it was getting worse, especially after playing."
Hayward had just started to run full speed and play one-on-one in late May, when doctors concluded it was best to remove the plate and screws. Hayward had been feeling pain around his ankle for months. He agitated for the surgery earlier, fearing an operation in May or June would sabotage his summer. "Hindsight is 20/20," he says, "but I wish we had knocked this out in March." Doctors and Celtics officials cautioned that no one should undergo a second operation if they don't absolutely have to, Hayward recalls. They needed to determine if something other than the plate -- some issue that would go away -- was causing the irritation. That process took time. "I was miserable," Hayward says. "To go back into a walking boot after all that progress -- back on crutches. That was my lowest moment."
People close to him have long known to expect calls from a despondent Hayward after so-so games. Hayward has trouble sleeping on those nights, he says. Friends hoped the year away would change that. He would miss the game, rediscover the joy of it, fixate less on mistakes. Perhaps the Celtics' success without him would ease Hayward's self-imposed pressure upon his return.
Brian Robb: Gordon Hayward did not practice with lower back issue. Will not travel to Cleveland. Minor issue according to Stevens.
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