Gobert finished with 17 points, 12 rebounds and 3 block…

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"I think for him, he's been here longer than me, he's been underrated for his whole career," Mitchell said. "I think he probably saw what happened, probably saw the [All-Star] voting and was like, 'All right, cool,' and went out there and dominated the game like he was supposed to. He's gonna keep doing it and it's not gonna be based off of whether he's in the All-Star voting with the fans or not, he deserves it and I think he'll get it."
Farbod Esnaashari: Reporter: Do you pay attention to All-Star voting? Kawhi: No. pic.twitter.com/GiOhbGUQrT
Marc Stein: Luka and Giannis have the early lead in All-Star voting ... pic.twitter.com/dPUxgZ7aQO

The Celtics were scheduled for an afternoon flight to Toronto and, it being Christmas Eve, players and coaches had plenty of loose ends to tie up before the holiday. Brown, even as his play this season has spawned some All-Star buzz, was in no rush to leave the practice facility. "I’m not really paying attention to [the All-Star buzz],” Brown said in an empty gym after his post-practice workout was finally complete. "It would be a blessing. It would be extremely dope to even be mentioned in the conversation. To be honest, I still think I can be a lot better. I think the best is yet to come for me this season.
Michael Scotto: Spencer Dinwiddie spoke to Kobe Bryant before tonight's game. Kobe told @SDinwiddie_25 he's "playing like an All-Star."
Asked if he thought Randle could be an All-Star this season, Knicks coach David Fizdale said, “Absolutely. I think a lot has got to go right, obviously. We’ve got to play good basketball. We’ve got to understand our roles. We’ve got to understand how to help him. But with the way that he approaches the game and his work ethic and his selflessness, I think he'll have a chance.”
Which is why even after a career-best 2018-19 campaign with the Chicago Bulls, he knows what needs to be done in order to achieve his goal of becoming an NBA All-Star. "Everything comes with winning. I feel like if we win and we're in the right positions, the sky is the limit for me," LaVine told ESPN following Thursday's practice. "I had an All-Star-caliber year last year, but we had 22 wins so it got a little bit swept under the rug. But that's how it's supposed to be when you have 20 wins. But if I continue to play the way I'm supposed to, there's no reason I shouldn't be an All-Star or All-NBA type guy."
“Am I an All-Star? No. Doesn’t mean I can’t be in the future. You never know. There’s been guys like Kyle Lowry, guys who been in the league for six or seven years and they go somewhere and it clicks. No one thought D’Angelo Russell was going to be who he was this year, and then he goes to Brooklyn and turns into an All-Star. “I’ll never count myself out, but in terms of accepting who you are, I’m fine with that. I love where I’m at. I was 19 years old. I thought I knew everything and things don’t work, which is the first time in my life it didn’t work. Even at Duke it was easy for me, I was better than everybody. I come here, and I didn’t play well.
As public address announcer Paul Porter introduced that night’s “hometown hero,” a longtime Daytona Beach Fire Department employee, Vucevic kept peeking toward the row behind the scorer’s table. There, Magic chief communications officer Joel Glass and director of communications George Galante watched the announcement of the 2018-19 Eastern Conference All-Star reserves on a TV monitor. Careful not to disrespect the hometown hero, Vucevic kept averting his eyes from Glass and Galante. Then, all of a sudden, he heard Glass shout an emphatic “Yes!” Vucevic looked over again and saw Glass and Galante smiling. Galante held his fist held high in the air. Vucevic had to be sure. “Yes?” he mouthed. “You’re in!” Galante yelled.
In that overwhelming moment, on the verge of tears of joy, Vucevic had to share his happiness with two of the most important people in his life. He turned left, glanced into Section 113 across from the Magic bench, and signaled to his mom and dad, Ljiljana and Borislav Vucevic. They beamed. Now, two weeks later, with the 2019 NBA All-Star Game set for Sunday in Charlotte, N.C., Nikola still delights in his good fortune — that he earned an All-Star nod, that his parents experienced his selection with him, that the Magic are in a playoff chase and, most important of all, that he and his wife, Nikoleta, have a 2-month-old son.
He was also part of a significant battle for the game’s MVP award. Eventually, former University of Utah and current Los Angeles Laker forward Kyle Kuzma took home the game’s MVP, scoring 35 points in the game on 15-27 shooting. “I want to make the All-Star Game next year. That’s the next level,” Kuzma said. “I have confidence that I can one day be an All-Star in this league. That’s definitely a goal for me, ever since I was a kid.”
It’s not fair to say Gobert, the star center for the Utah Jazz, is unbothered by this. He’s a man who thrives off of respect. He cares what others think because he works so diligently at his craft. At the same time, he’s been able to shake off the brunt of the initial blowback from his news conference. If you asked Gobert about it, he’d shrug his shoulders. And then he would smile. And then, he’d tell you it’s all good. “It happens,” Gobert told The Athletic in an interview. “It’s not the first time I cried. And it won’t be the last time.”
Gobert thought that TNT broadcast announcing the All-Star reserves would be the culmination of his hard work, everything that he’s put into the game to get to this point. His family was watching back in France. The Jazz organization was ready to celebrate his accomplishment. Then, it didn’t happen. The phone rang. Gobert answered to his mother crying. And a night that was supposed to euphoric turned into one of the toughest of Gobert’s career. “It was a mix of everything,” he said. “It was something I wanted. I feel like I play to win. I never really get the respect that I deserve, and that’s why it’s frustrating. I get it from my teammates, my family and the organization. They all know. But the rest of the world, they don’t respect me for what I bring to the game. This was the time that I thought I was finally going to get the respect. And not having it, that was frustrating.”
Siakam scored a career-high 44 points and grabbed 10 rebounds, OG Anunoby scored a career-best 22 points, and the Toronto Raptors beat the Washington Wizards 129-120 for their sixth straight win. "If he keeps playing like this, he's a 2020 All-Star," Wizards coach Scott Brooks said of Siakam.
LeBron James understands how much fans love talking about players changing teams, but said Saturday morning that his All-Star team selections had no ulterior motive. “That’s a great conversation,” James said. “Everyone kind of gets up for fantasy basketball talk. Guys that are restricted free agents, that are free agents, I don’t know, player options. That’s all part of the speculation that continues to drive our sport. It’s all good and well and dandy, but for me I picked according to my draft board and I picked according to who was the best available.”
For the second straight season, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James used the first pick in the All-Star draft to select Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant for his team. For the second straight year, Durant wasn't surprised at all. "What else is he supposed to do?" Durant said after Friday's 117-107 Warriors win over the Phoenix Suns.
Vincent Goodwill: Lakers forward LeBron James said he and Giannis made their All Star selections this morning. Wouldn't reveal who he picked so 7 pm on TNT is when we'll all find out
The 30-year-old swingman really expected 26-year-old Gobert to land an All-Star spot and explained why he believes the Utah Jazz player had such an emotional response to his snub. “He’s in the Western Conference” he initially noted. “I was at the grocery store with my wife and my kid. I was in a hurry to watch my guy live. I was sure he would be in. I turned the TV on and couldn’t believe he wasn’t. I was pissed. I wanted it so bad for him” he added. “He deserved it. He wanted to be in, not only for himself. It would be huge for Europeans. When you’re an All-Star, it’s not only for you, but also for your country. That’s why I think he was so emotional. He had so much support from back home. Maybe he felt like he let us down” Batum said.

When the notion of the NBA inviting him to become a member of this year’s All-Star team first surfaced, Dirk Nowitzki’s first response was to have second thoughts. “At first I was a little skeptical, of course,” the Dallas Mavericks’ superstar forward said on Saturday morning. “Everybody knows that I’m not a big middle of attention guy – center of attention. But we talked about it and everybody thought it was a great idea.”
The NBA already has announced that he’ll be an honorary coach for the World Team when they play the US Team in the Rising Stars game on Feb. 15. “It’s going to be fun, Friday the coaching, Saturday competing in the 3-point contest, and then Sunday playing a bit,” Nowitzki said. “I’ll hopefully make it fun and enjoy the weekend.”
"It was a dope gesture," Wade said of Silver making the exception for himself and Nowitzki. "I told him and I said, at this point I appreciated my fans for voting for me, but I didn't want to be put in a position where he'd take a roster spot of someone who'd get their first opportunity to go the All-Star Game, or second or third. I've had 12 chances at it."
“Let’s just try to get it right,” Lindsey said. “Were not saying any of the seven players that were selected are not deserving. I just think that our guy was more deserving than any of the seven. You can go down the line and make an argument. We’ll stand our ground and stand on the facts and hopefully over time contribute to making the process cleaner.”
Eric Walden: Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce, on Rudy Gobert: "I know Rudy does a lot. third-ranked defense, 15 and 13, leading shot-blocker, leading rim-protector. Those guys don’t get rewarded. … I value that side of the basketball. … It’s a snub, in my opinion, that Rudy doesn’t make it."
Jody Genessy: Intersecting. GM Dennis Lindsey said the Utah Jazz are proposing a new system to select All-Star reserves. They want a committee, not head coaches, to pick them.
Brian Lewis: D’Angelo Russell on finding out he’d made his 1st #NBAAllStar game: “(Kenny Atkinson) was the first one to break it to me. I was in awe on the plane. I'm a crier, honestly. I was holding my tears in." #nets @D'Angelo Russell
Set to suit up in Charlotte during NBA All-Star 2019, Khris Middleton will make history and become the first NBA G League alum to do so in the annual midseason contest. Averaging 17.4 points on a 44/38/84 shooting clip, Middleton’s offensive firepower has helped the Bucks hold steady as the top dog in the Eastern Conference. As he began laying down the building blocks that eventually helped him earn such an honor, Middleton appeared in three contests for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants back in 2012-13, averaging 11 points and 7.7 boards.
Brian Lewis: D'Angelo Russell is the first #Nets All-Star since Joe Johnson in 2013-14. At just 22 years old, he's the second-youngest player in team history to earn an All-Star selection behind Buck Williams (who was younger in 1982 and 1983). #NBA
"Rudy Gobert should absolutely be an All-Star," Snyder told ESPN. "He's one of the most impactful players in the league. This is clear, not subjective, and shows the the process of selecting All-Stars is flawed. We talk about defense being valued, but when we have an opportunity to reward it, we reward scoring again and again. Rudy is the best defensive player in the league and an offensive force when you consider his screening, his finishing and the spacing he creates with his presence."
After six-plus years of nearly constant losing, the Magic finally celebrated something big. Vucevic became their first All-Star since 2012, and they also beat the Indiana Pacers 107-100 at Amway Center. “It’s a great night,” Vucevic said later, water dripping from his hair. “It’s obviously one of the best nights that I have ever had in my professional career.”
“(It was) special night for us as a team, not only Vooch but us as a team,” Augustin said. “It’s well-deserved. Vooch has been playing great this season. He’s been carrying us this season. I’ve been playing with Vooch for three years now, and he feels like a brother to me. So to see him get such a great award and accomplishment, it means a lot to me personally.”
David Cobb: Mike Conley planned for an uneventful Thursday night as All-Star reserves were announced. “I probably won’t pay too much attention to it honestly," he told me. Who can blame him? commercialappeal.com/story/sports/2…
RJ Marquez: Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge on being named an #NBAAllStar for 7th time, says he’s honored and “thankful for these guys, that’s why I’m going.” LA also set record straight on ASG team selections saying he doesn’t care and won’t let that turn into a negative. #KSATsports #NBA pic.twitter.com/nzNFUtLZUS
"I just want to thank the players, coaches, fans and media for voting for me, it's most appreciated," said Victor Oladipo. "I am honestly speechless just knowing I have the support of my peers, people I look up to and admire, as well as the fans. All I can say is thank you and I am working on coming back stronger not just physically, but mentally as well.”
Tom Osborn: Asked about being left off the All-Star team, DeMar immediately turned the conversation in LA's direction: "Congratulations to LA. One guy makes it from a team, we all make it. You can't make it without your teammates." #Spurs
Will Barton: Congratulations to my lil bro Jokic aka “Big Honey” on his first & much deserved all star selection. Proud of you big fella! Happy to watch you grow from ya rookie season to the best center in the league! Keep going kid you have no ceilings!
Marc Stein: When it comes to injury replacements, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver typically chooses the player next in line in the coach voting. If he sticks with that formula, Victor Oladipo's replacement will be the player who finished eighth in balloting among East coaches
Joining Westbrook as reserves in the Western Conference player pool are San Antonio Spurs forward-center LaMarcus Aldridge, New Orleans Pelicans forward-center Anthony Davis, Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokić, Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson and Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns. Jokić has been named an NBA All-Star for the first time.
The Eastern Conference reserve pool includes three first-time NBA All-Star selections: Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton, Philadelphia 76ers guard-forward Ben Simmons and Orlando Magic center Nikola Vučević. They are joined by Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal, Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin, Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry and Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo.
Bobby Marks: Rudy Gobert will miss out on a $1M bonus for not being selected to the All-Star game. He will not receive the bonus if selected as a replacement player.
Bobby Marks: Kyle Lowry will have to appear in 65 games in order to earn a $200K bonus for being named to the All-Star game. The bonus does not impact his cap hit based on the incentive being deemed likely from the prior season.
"I don't really set goals like that," Siakam told ESPN. "For me, I don't put a cap on what I can accomplish, right? I just work and continue to do whatever I can do to get to the highest level I can get. "If that's an All-Star? Sure, I'll take it. But I don't have my mind set on that."
The Orlando Magic have endured six full seasons without placing anyone in the NBA All-Star Game. That wait may finally be over. Nikola Vucevic, the center who replaced Dwight Howard, will learn Thursday if he will be the Magic’s first All-Star since Howard made the Eastern Conference team in 2012.
“It would mean everything, man,” Vucevic said. “I try not to think about it, but it’s pretty hard. Obviously, everybody mentions it to me. Everybody keeps asking, ‘Are you going to make it?’ (They’re asking me) like I know it, but I don’t know. I’m waiting just like everybody else is waiting. But it would mean everything to me. Obviously, I’ve been through a lot here, and our team has been through a lot. I know I’ve been respected around this league, and I know people respect my game and know what I’m capable of. But I think getting selected as an All-Star would really take me to the next step. So hopefully the coaches recognize that. It’d mean a lot to me. We’ll see. It’s right there. I’m hoping for the best. I really do think I deserve it because of my play all year long and what I mean to this team.”
Eric Walden: Kyle Korver recalls making the 2015 All-Star Game: "That had never even been on my radar. I don’t really consider myself that level of player. … It was an unbelievable experience for me — another thing in my career that I never could have imagined." pic.twitter.com/SwjAszRoy0
Sirius XM NBA: 🔊 @Milwaukee Bucks Head Coach Mike Budenholzer shares why he thinks Khris Middleton should be a @NBAAllStar reserve. For a chance to win a trip to All-Star Weekend, go to siriusxm.com/nbaallstar for official rules & to enter by Feb 1st. Click here to listen to NBA Radio-bit.ly/SXMNBAASG pic.twitter.com/55G2JqKDV2
Rod Boone: On a conference call, Kemba said the love from his peers in player voting for the All-Star Game is what he really appreciates most. "It means a lot to me. The guys I go up against each and every night, to have their respect I think that's huge. That's what I care most about."
Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is doubtful his team will get four players voted into next month's All-Star Game in Charlotte. "I doubt it," Kerr said prior to Thursday's game against the Washington Wizards. "I don't think so, to be honest with you. I don't think it's been that kind of a season. It's been rocky, at least until the last few weeks. I think the way Draymond [Green] has played over the last three weeks, for sure, he's been playing at an All-Star level. And he would be the first to tell you he was not playing at an All-Star level for the first couple months. So my guess is he won't make.”
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The 21-year-old guard should thrive in pick-and-roll action with Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley as rim rollers, while the addition of Lauri Markkanen, who shot 40.2 percent from downtown last season, will help space the floor and open pick-and-pop opportunities. “I think Garland’s kind of gotten lost in the shuffle in terms of people knowing who he is because of Colin Sexton,” an NBA scout opined. “If he stays healthy, I like picking him.”
I have heard A-Rod and the new ownership is bully on the Wolves. What major moves do you predict they will make to improve the product in the next couple years? — @SPORTSviKINGs17 So far, it appears like the immediate target is just modernizing things, bringing a franchise that has often been at the back of the pack to more of the cutting edge when it comes to technology and innovation — that sort of thing. Of course, the main goal will be to make the Timberwolves more competitive on the floor, but I think there is a real emphasis on everything around the basketball, as well. What can be done to change the perception of the organization? They are taking a long look at culture and values and defining characteristics. Those might seem like mumbo jumbo to dyed-in-the-wool hoop heads, but those are things that Lore and Rodriguez are very familiar with in their other businesses. They can dive in on them right away as they work to get up to speed on the intricacies of basketball, the collective bargaining agreement and the team in general.