Smush Parker: Two Alpha Males, one team, one objective!…

Smush Parker: Two Alpha Males, one team, one objective! My only “regret” is that I didn’t know how to submit to the greater Alpha! This was a case of #mambamentality meets Brooklyn #iWillNotLoseMentality

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Anthony Slater: Steve Kerr thinks Kobe’s death may have been the saddest day in NBA history. Other tragic events that come to his mind: Magic announces he has HIV, Drazen Petrovic dies in car crash.
The Warriors canceled their Sunday afternoon practice the moment they heard the news. Green immediately left the facility and spent the rest of the day drifting in and out of sleep on his couch, believing, every time he woke up, “somebody would break the news that it wasn’t Kobe.” “I kept checking his Instagram,” Green said. “He’s going to post an Instagram Story that it was a false alarm.”
Smush Parker: The toughest pill to swallow on today for me has been the fact that I didn’t get a chance to verbally speak with my brother to not only reconcile our differences but to find out if he actually had a relationship with The Lord Almighty. As today proves no matter how successful we are in life, when God calls for His breathe back our time here on earth is up. And if we don’t invest our time wisely here on earth, our life in eternity can be a very bad ordeal. I do truly Pray his relationship with The Lord was real, and that Jesus was Lord over his life and not just as a Savior.
Roland Lazenby: I haven’t really spent much time thinking about me, beyond being numb. Kobe lost his daughter. When I first started interviewing him, my youngest daughter was just starting to play basketball. She was in AAU and then eventually she played in high school and college. When she was about 12 or 13 years old, Kobe sat down and wrote her a note, telling her to never give up on her dreams. She is a mother now, living in Boston, and she has sort of followed Kobe’s coaching of his daughter from afar because Kobe had a tremendous impact on her when she was that same age. Like Kobe, she is a grinder with a fierce work ethic. When I got done doing interviews last night around 11:00, I was driving home and I called her. She had found that letter that he had written for her and… Kobe was our guy. It was our father-daughter thing. It’s something we share and she had always had such high regard for Kobe, even through all of his troubles. It’s a mix of personal and professional [feelings].
Biyombo, an NBAPA vice president, said he’s sure the key people in the Players Association’s hierarchy will jump on a conference call soon to mull options and gather ideas. One he wouldn’t mind moving forward: the NBA changing its red, white and blue logo from an outline of Jerry West to Bryant. “We are hoping,” Biyombo said. “The NBA is going to do something. As a player, I think you want to see that. You just want to see that because of what the guy has meant to the game, to be honest. For me, I think as a player, I would really like to embrace that because you’ve seen the change, and you’ve seen it over the course of the years. Kobe, he wants to teach. As we see now, he opened the academy, and everybody was going to his academy, and the guy was present there early in the morning early to teach. There’s not many people who are doing that. “(Making him the logo), it’s an appreciation of what the guy has done for the game of basketball, and that’s what I think we all should be thinking about.”
“Yeah, I think they should make him the logo. I think they should retire 8 and 24 on every team,” Bridges said. “Yeah, I definitely think he should be the logo for sure. You could see the shock around the league when it happened. How many people it affected, players. It affected everybody in the NBA. So I feel like no player has had an impact — besides MJ — on anybody like Kobe. So I feel like he should definitely be the logo.”
The helicopter that crashed into a foggy mountain near Calabasas, Calif., on Sunday, killing the N.B.A. legend Kobe Bryant and eight other people, fell quickly in what an investigator said was a “high-energy impact crash.” Jennifer Homendy, one of five board members of the National Transportation Safety Board, said on Tuesday afternoon that investigators had recovered an iPad and a cellphone from the wreckage, which was strewn across more than 500 feet on the side of a rugged hill.
The helicopter may have missed clearing the top of the hill by 20 to 30 feet, Homendy said. The iPad on the helicopter had the ForeFlight application installed, which pilots can use while flying to review flight plans and keep up with weather briefings. N.T.S.B. investigators sent the iPad and cellphone to the agency’s headquarters to be analyzed.
The day before the crash, Zobayan had made the same trip from John Wayne Airport in Orange County, where Bryant lived, to Camarillo, near the Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, where the basketball tournament was being held. Homendy said Zobayan had used a more direct route for the roughly 90-mile trip northwest, and that the skies were clear.
I try and video /photograph all the weird stuff happening above my house in Glendale,CA. Unfortunately this morning I didn’t realize I was filming the helicopter Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others were in 31 minutes before they crashed . RIP
“Everybody became inconsolable,” Ireland said on his radio show on 710 AM in Los Angeles. “Whole plane was crying, praying that we somehow had it wrong or, because we were in a confined space, that somebody was playing a very elaborate, well-executed practical joke.” It fell to Frank Vogel, the head coach, to tell the players, Ireland said. The rest of the long flight, he suggested, passed in an emotional daze.
Following a light workout and optional shootaround, the team gathered for a luncheon and an impromptu story session broke out, sources told ESPN, with players and staffers -- from ownership on down in attendance -- taking turns retelling their favorite Bryant memories. One of the highlights was when LeBron James, sources said, took the room back to the 2008 Beijing Olympics gold-medal game when he and Bryant teamed up on Team USA against Spain, featuring Bryant's old Lakers teammate Pau Gasol.
By mowing down Gasol, Seto explained, Bryant wasn't just trying to get in Gasol's head for the medal game, he was planting the seed for Gasol to obsess over what he needed to improve on for the upcoming season so that L.A. could win it all, which they did. To bring the point home further, Bryant hung his gold medal in Gasol's locker at the start of training camp the following fall.
Chris Paul: I don't know if I'll ever be able to fully process it. My parents have always said everything happens for a reason and its in God’s plan. But this one is different. Broken fingers, torn Achilles, it didn’t matter. You overcame it all!! You were DIFFERENT! Sometimes we competed so hard against each other that you could never tell how I was always watching YOU!! I needed to see how much better I needed to get and how much harder I needed to work! The love you had for the game was nowhere near the love you had for YOUR girls!! All 5 of them!! And Gigi, who we had already prearranged her marriage with lil Chris, is as beautiful and feisty as she could ever be!!! As I’ve watched you in retirement, as happy as you’ve ever been, I’ve sat back and prayed and hoped that my baby girl will look at me the way Gigi looks at you!!! I Love You and will miss you with all my heart my brother!!! All my love to Vanessa and all the families during this time ???? #Mamba4Life #Mambacita
Despite all of those great interactions, Antetokounmpo kept his thoughts about his relationship with Bryant mostly to himself on Monday. “I feel it’s up to me,” Antetokounmpo said. “Everybody deals with tragedy in their own way and I dealt with tragedy a few years ago about my dad. I didn’t come out and speak about it all. All I can say is I pray for the people that were affected by it. “Yesterday was a horrible day for basketball, for everybody. A lot of people were affected by it. I send my deepest condolences to their family, Vanessa and the kids that they leave behind. All I can do is pray for them. That’s it.”
“At the end of the day you think to yourself, is this worth it?” Antetokounmpo said. “Playing basketball for 20 years and then living for 3 ½ and then being gone, is actually going through all this pressure, all this media, all this, is this worth it? “Everybody has a different situation. For me, it’s definitely worth it and that’s why I’m going to keep being 100 percent. Whatever I do, I’ll do it 100 percent because without basketball I wouldn’t be here today. (Practicing) definitely made me feel a little bit better, but obviously, just him not being here and his daughter not being here, it’s kind of hard.”
Carmelo Anthony: Damn Bro!! 😥 I hate when I have so much to say, but I can’t put any of it into words. The times I have the most to say are the times that I can’t talk. I’m screaming inside but I can’t be heard. YOU don’t know how hard it is to try to pretend to smile when I have these clouds of emotions. YOU just called me and told me you were coming to the game Friday and that you were proud of me and “regardless of anything, stay true to myself and STAYME7O” We were just laughing about how hard YOU was working GiGi and her teammates and I told YOU they need a day off 😂😢
Carmelo Anthony: This pain is almost unbearable Champ! Why you bro? Why GiGi? Why leave Vanessa with this Sadness and Pain. WHY? This will never make sense to me. I know I’m not suppose to question GODs Will. I know GOD doesn’t make mistakes. It just seems like It always rains the hardest on those who deserve the sun. There are moments in life when there’s simply NO words to describe the pain within. This is one of them. YOU will continue to be Loved. YOU will be missed. YOU will forever be remembered. YOUR legacy will live on FOREVER. OUR FRIENDSHIP will never be forgotten. I know YOU will be near, Even if I don’t see YOU. PEACE KING!!! “There Are No Goodbyes. Where Ever You’ll be, You’ll be in Our Hearts” All Praise Due #STAYME7O
Jay King: Kemba Walker said he’s considering changing his number, but isn’t sure. Said he has tons of respect for Kobe Bryant. Said everybody mourns differently and if he keeps wearing it, he would be honoring Kobe by wearing his number.
Several teenage athletes who met Mr. Bryant, the father of four girls, when they first began shooting hoops said he had a profound impact on them. “He believed girls and boys should have an equal chance,” said Kumi Tamura, 16, who at first thought the news of his death was a hoax. She met Mr. Bryant when she was 6 and attended a youth basketball camp that he used to hold near Santa Barbara.
Mr. Cooper said he told his team that those who had taken pictures with Mr. Bryant should use them as motivation, and remember that those pictures might one day resurface because of their own accomplishments, extending Mr. Bryant’s legacy. Mr. Rodriguez told the tearful girls on his team, including his daughter, that he loved them. The tragic news had stunned a facility that moments earlier was a hive of activity. “Before, there were squeaking shoes, whistles blowing — it was a tournament situation,” Mr. Rodriguez said. “Then, it just went silent.”
Meanwhile, the retired superstar showed all the symptoms of settling comfortably, happily into domestic life. A third daughter, Bianka, was born in 2016 and a fourth, Capri, last year. Chris Sacca, a billionaire investor who served as his business mentor, recalls a pattern to their telephone conversations. “When we spoke, it was almost always during hours when his kids and mine were in bed already,” Sacca said in an email. “The priority for him was always being at home in time to be with them.”
Former teammate Horry saw the roots of this change far back, about the time one of his sons and Natalia were born. He mentioned that when the kids got older, maybe they might date. “Nah,” he recalled Bryant saying with a frown, “my daughter is never dating anybody.”
A few hours before Kobe Bryant's life was cut short in a helicopter crash, the NBA legend went to church and prayed. He visited Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Newport Beach, California early Sunday morning ahead of the 7 a.m. mass, according to Father Steve Sallot. "We shook hands, I saw that he had blessed himself because there was a little holy water on his forehead," Sallot told CNN affiliate KCBS/KCAL.
Melissa Rohlin: Shaq on Kobe, via TNT: "We lost probably the world's greatest Laker, the world's greatest basketball player. Listen, people are going to say take your time and get better. But it's going to be hard for me. I already don't sleep anyways."
Jim Eichenhofer: Larry Nance Jr. is wearing No. 24 for Cavaliers. He usually wears No. 22, which is the same number his dad wore for Cleveland in the 1980s
Melissa Rohlin: Jerry West said on TNT that Kobe Bryant's death was "the saddest day in my life." He said the only thing that hurt him that much was when he lost a brother in Korea.
Farbod Esnaashari: Jerry West revealed that he talked Kobe Bryant out of joining the Clippers: "You can't go play with the Clippers. You can't go play with that owner. Period." Makes you think how much would be different if Sterling was successfully kicked out as Clippers owner sooner.
Eric Koreen: Really nice tribute for Kobe here in Toronto, followed by 24 seconds of silence. This all still feels surreal. Let’s watch some basketball and try to enjoy it.
Tim MacMahon: Rick Carlisle rocks a pair of Kobe’s to his pregame press conference. “I like these. I’m going to keep them. I’m going to keep the box and hit my equipment people up for as many pairs as I can.”
Will Guillory: I've been told Jahlil Okafor plans on changing his number in the near future to pay respect to Kobe Bryant. He currently wears No. 8. Not sure what his new number will be.
Scott Agness: Pacers forward Alize Johnson, who has always worn No. 24 for Kobe, is not changing his number, per source. “You need that role model coming up and for me, it was God and him,” Johnson told @TheAthleticIND.
Scott Agness: Pacers forward Justin Holiday will continue to wear No. 8, league sources told @TheAthleticIND. So… no changes for the Pacers.
Marla Ridenour: #Cavs will have pre-tipoff 24.8-second moment of silence for @Kobe Bryant, then a video during the first timeout that will be very Cleveland-centric in the highlights of Bryant's NBA career.
Before the game, the team said this on Twitter: "In agreement with Serie A, tonight AC Milan will wear the black armband in memory of Kobe Bryant, who died in a tragic helicopter crash together with his daughter Gianna Maria and 7 other victims. The whole San Siro will also pay a tribute just a few minutes away from kick off." The team then posted the following photo with a caption that included "legends never die."
Growing up in Maryland, Kevin Durant watched Kobe Bryant from afar. Although they were 3,000 miles apart then, Durant said turning on the television and seeing Bryant shake defenders, make nearly impossible shots and dazzle fans made him feel close to the Lakers legend. "I felt like I knew him my whole life," Durant said after the Nets practice on Tuesday. "We see him grow up; we see him retiring, going into his second phase of life. It's just so many people that are sad about this, and it hurts to even think about it."
Durant said that while Bryant was always encouraging, most of their conversations were brief and pointed. Durant said the best advice he got from Bryant was, "just put the work in, man." "Kobe didn't really have any long-winded messages for me as a player; it was just quick, short gems," Durant said. "And he led by example -- so he came in and worked, and you seen it. The craft was the most important thing, and mastering it, and everything you learn from that is what you're gonna be in life. And he poured everything into the game, and poured everything into everybody that was involved with him."
Gina Mizell: Monty Williams said after today's shootaround that he hopes the #Suns can provide resources (grief counselor, etc) to help the team: "I’ve had my own situation, and I can tell you first-hand ... to try to handle that kind of incident is really hard if you try to do it alone."
Alana Walker recalled the moment Sunday when she learned Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash in Southern California. “I initially thought of my dad and called him right away. When I heard his sadness, I could tell he was upset. I started crying," Alana Walker said. "This was the first legend I’ve lost in my lifetime. It was like losing someone who was impactful and such a good person. That was the main thing my family said about Kobe when I was growing up. He’s such a good guy. He’s such a good person. He was always there for my dad when no one else was.”
The bodies of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others who died in a helicopter crash have been recovered from a Calabasas hillside, coroner officials said Tuesday. Authorities on Sunday removed the bodies of at least three victims from the wreckage. Remains of the six remaining victims were located Monday, and their bodies have been taken to the Los Angeles County coroner’s forensic science center, where officials will work to identify them.
The Calabasas hillside has become a pilgrimage point for thousands of tourists and fans of the Lakers legend, prompting Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials to urge the public to stay away. Sheriff Alex Villanueva warned onlookers that it is a misdemeanor to enter the crash site and that those found in the area would face arrest. Deputies are patrolling the site on horseback and ATVs, he said. Several individuals tried to get into the area Sunday after the deadly crash and were turned back by law enforcement.
An emotional Novak Djokovic paid tribute to Kobe Bryant as he continued his march through the Australian Open draw with a straight-sets victory over Milos Raonic in the quarter-finals. Djokovic was good friends with the basketball star, who was killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday, and came out for the match on Rod Laver Arena wearing a jacket bearing the initials KB, Bryant's numbers eight and 24 and a heart.
Shams Charania: Sources: Orlando’s Terrence Ross has changed his jersey number from No. 8 to No. 31 in honor of the late Kobe Bryant, who wore Nos. 8 and 24. League evaluating this case-by-case.
Malika Andrews: Spencer Dinwiddie will likely debut his new jersey number tomorrow, a Nets spokesman told ESPN. The league has also approved this change.
Nick DePaula: Gilbert Arenas just posted a Kobe tribute on IG: “I will fulfill the task u requested from me in this picture 🙏🏾💯 You told me to use my bright basketball mind on some form of coaching...🏀💯..stop wasting it being an idiot on social media. Today I'm starting my coaching career.”
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December 4, 2022 | 6:14 am EST Update

Floyd Mayweather has offered 'a little over $2 billion' to buy NBA team

Floyd Mayweather didn’t deny the possibility of seeking ownership for a potential team in either Las Vegas or Seattle as well as an existing team. “It could be the Vegas franchise. It could be the Seattle franchise or I could be buying a franchise that’s already up and running,” said Mayweather. “So the first offer, we offered them a little over $2 billion for majority ownership. Do I have it? Absolutely, I have it, but it didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen overnight. It’s a lot when you have so many different businesses all around the world. It’s a lot.”
Mayweather indicated that he and his business partners continue to pursue the purchase of an NBA team. Mayweather didn’t indicate which franchise was in his sights but indicated that the pursuit has been in the works for an extended period. “I’ve been working on buying a NBA team outright,” said Mayweather. “One of my other business partners, Brent Johnson, he’s here. So we’ve been working on the NBA team for a while now. It’s kinda, it’s rough.”

Bradley Beal on re-signing with Wizards: 'There were no teams in the market'

Bradley Beal explained why he re-signed with the Washington Wizards during a recent episode of No Chill with Gilbert Arenas. (via No Chill with Gilbert Arenas): “But to have the pieces we have, we have enough to know that we can compete on a nightly basis with no BS. We know that we got a job, everybody’s able to be a star in their role, and we can go do that. On the flip side of it, the business side of it. There were no teams in the market, free agency-wise. I’m just being frank. There was nowhere else for me to go where I can be like, ‘Oh, I can go win.’ It was teams that strategically wasn’t what I wanted. So realistically, I wouldn’t say my hand was forced, but this was my best decision and best option on the table at the time.”
“Not everybody gives you a voice in the organization. I have a voice here. I never had a chance to fully play a year with KP. That enticed me. He’s probably the best big I’ve played with. I like Kuz’s ability to be able to spread his wings a little bit more, develop into the player that we think he can be. I like the young core that we were developing. Rui is really good, had an awesome summer. Deni’s just gonna continue to get better. And then Corey’s a knockdown shooter, who is a Pro’s Pro. We still need to get better. I’m not sitting here saying, ‘We’re gonna hold up the Larry. We’re going to beat Milwaukee tomorrow.’ No.”
Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert was ejected in the first half of the Saturday’s 135-128 loss to the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder after he appeared to purposefully trip Kenrich Williams. Gobert contested Williams on a drive to the rim with 9:22 to go in the second quarter, causing Williams to fall to the ground. Gobert tripped over Williams and while down on the court appeared to sweep a leg out in an attempt to trip Williams when the Thunder forward was attempting to get up. A brief scuffle ensued, after which Gobert was assessed a flagrant foul 2 and ejected. Williams received a technical foul. “I trust that they got it right,” Thunder coach Mark Daigneault said of the officials’ ruling.
Jon Krawczynski: Finch: “I think for sure, the frustrations boiled over. It was not the most mature effort by us. We needed a way more mature effort than that. We needed to do the little things better like take care of the ball and make the next rotation on defense. That’s what cost us the game.”