Bobby Marks: Rudy Gobert has earned a $1M bonus for bei…

Bobby Marks: Rudy Gobert has earned a $1M bonus for being selected as a Western Conference reserve. The bonus is now deemed likely and the Utah center will see his 2020/21 cap hit increase to $27.5M (pending other bonuses).

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Despite being named an Eastern Conference reserve, Toronto guard Kyle Lowry will need to play in 29 out of the remaining 35 games to earn a $200K bonus. There is also a $500K bonus as part of the extension signed in October but that incentive only impacts his cap hit in 2020/21.
Marc J. Spears: Captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo will draft the #NBA All-Star Game rosters from the pool of players voted as starters and reserves in each conference. They will draft without regard for a player’s conference or position. TNT reveals the team rosters on Feb. 6.
John Karalis: Tatum on making the All-Star team: “Definitely it is an honor. I am extremely blessed and grateful. Third year to make the All-Star team it is a surreal feeling. I’m just very excited and it is a dream come true.”
Jonathan Feigen: Russell Westbrook, twice an All-Star MVP, earned 9th All-Star selection. First Harden teammate in game since Dwight Howard in 2014. In past 20 games, Westbrook averaged 30.8 ppg, 6.2 rebounds, 7.1 assists. Overall this season, averaged 26.3 points, 8.1 rebounds, 7.4 assists.
Candace Buckner: Scott Brooks before the game on Bradley Beal: "I don’t think I have to defend that he’s an all-star. I think I know and I think the coaches know and I know the players definitely know, being voted as second.”
Shams Charania: Sources: 2020 NBA All-Star reserves: East: Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry, Ben Simmons, Khris Middleton, Jayson Tatum, Bam Adebayo, Domas Sabonis West: Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Nikola Jokic, Rudy Gobert, Brandon Ingram, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul
Tom Westerholm: Jayson Tatum was asked if it would be a rush to make the All-Star game. “Yeah. (It would) feel good to hear some good news."
Scott Agness: Bulls coach Jim Boylen on Domantas Sabonis: “I think he is an All-Star. His play has been terrific.” All-Star reserves, voted on by the conference coaches, will be announced Thursday evening.
Peter Edmiston: Nuggets coach Mike Malone on Ja Morant: "I think he's a hell of a player but he's not an All-Star yet, in my opinion. He's got to go through his growing pains. He's Rookie of the Year, though."
Josh Lewenberg: Nurse on Lowry-"If that guy isn't on an all-star ballot considering the last 18 months & where our team is, that's unfathomable to me. If anybody that has a decent knowledge of the game would keep him off then, well, it doesn't make sense to me. It wouldn't make any sense at all"
Bam Adebayo has to wait until Thursday to find out if he will be named to his first All-Star Game. Jimmy Butler, however, doesn't need to. "He will be," Butler said Monday after the Miami Heat's 113-92 win over the Orlando Magic at AmericanAirlines Arena when asked if his teammate will be an All-Star this season. "No doubt."
On Thursday, Zach LaVine will find out whether he makes his first All-Star game as a coaches’ reserve selection. “Zach deserves to be an All-Star,” executive vice president John Paxson said. “I know we don’t have as many wins as we all would like. But nobody can ignore what he has done and it would be (an oversight) if he doesn’t get recognized.”
If he doesn’t, LaVine, and the Bulls, will be disappointed. But missing out shouldn’t obscure what is becoming a special season for LaVine. Saturday’s masterpiece of 44 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists in a road victory over the Cavaliers is just the latest example. With averages of 30 points, 5.5 rebounds and 3.9 assists in January, he’ll also draw strong consideration for Eastern Conference player of the month.
Heat coach Erik Spoelstra responded swiftly to swingman Jimmy Butler not being selected as a starter for next month's NBA All-Star Game in Chicago, calling his omission "a joke" and adding that he's hopeful it will help change the voting process. "I just think it's ridiculous that we're still in these antiquated positions," Spoelstra said before Friday night's 122-117 loss to the LA Clippers. "So who's to say what position Jimmy is? Does it matter? I put him No. 2 on my [lineup] card. So I go Kendrick Nunn, Jimmy Butler, Duncan Robinson, I go Bam [Adebayo] and then Meyers [Leonard]. But you could flip any one of those guys around. And in many ways he's our point guard. So should he be in the All-Star Game as a point guard? I don't know.
Sarah K. Spencer: John Collins on Trae Young being named an All-Star starter: "It's the star power. It just speaks for itself. His ability to be on the team that he's on, play the way he plays and attract the attention he's garnering, it's pretty impressive."
Tim Reynolds: Spo thinks All-Star starters should be positionless. He’s right. “These are such antiquated labels,” Spo said. He adds that Butler should be a starter. “It’s a joke that he’s not,” Spo adds.
Michael Singer: Malone on All-Star vote: “If (Nikola) wasn’t, this would be the biggest conspiracy since JFK. I’d have to find the Zapruder film.” Also added, with a bit of Cajun spice: “There’s not many Nikola Jokic’s waking around in the NBA in my very humble, uninformed, ignorant opinion.”
Josh Lewenberg: Pascal Siakam is the first 27th-overall pick in NBA history to be voted in as an All-Star starter. He's the third 27th-overall pick to ever be an All-Star and the first since Dennis Rodman in 1992.
No surprise, Beal was not named one of the two starting Eastern Conference guards when the NBA announced the duo Thursday for its upcoming All-Star Game. The league had spent the previous few weeks releasing progressive fan voting. Beal was consistently ninth on the list. But player and media votes were due Jan. 20, and little did the world know there was a little jolt once the final results glided onto the internet: He finished second in the player vote. “That’s cool. It’s definitely respect, for sure,” Beal said Thursday after scoring 36 points during a 124-112 win in Cleveland. “And that’s why I always feel like the players and coaches should have a higher, more stronger percentage of the votes than the fans. But to each his own.”
Kerry Eggers: Terry Stotts on Mavs’ All-Star Luka Doncic: "He’s in the MVP discussion. What he’s doing is remarkable for a 20-year-old 2nd-year player. He does everything for them. They have the No. 1 offense in the league & that’s mainly because of what he does. He makes his teammates better"
Micah Adams: Most years as leading All-Star vote-getter Michael Jordan - 9 LeBron James- 7 Vince Carter - 4 Kobe Bryant - 4 Julius Erving - 4 Dwight Howard - 2 Yao Ming - 2 Grant Hill - 2 Magic Johnson - 2 George Gervin - 2
Mark Followill: It's official. Luka is an All-Star game starter. The only other Mavs player picked as a starter through the fan voting process is Jason Kidd in 1996. Dirk was a starter as a replacement for injured starters in 2007 and 2010
Gerald Bourguet: Per NBA PR, Luka Doncic and Trae Young are just the second pair of 21-and-under starters in the All-Star Game (Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett in 1998). Also the first time with multiple-second-year players since Grant Hill and Jason Kidd in 1996.
Jonathan Feigen: James Harden selected as an All-Star for eighth time, second in franchise history to Haleem Olajuwon's 12. Other starters from West: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis and Luka Doncic.
Tim Reynolds: Rematch! LeBron James is the captain from the West. Team LeBron vs. Team Giannis again at the All-Star Game. James, as the leading votegetter, will pick first among starters. Antetokounmpo will have the first pick for the reserves.
Shams Charania: 2020 West All-Star starters: Dallas’ Luka Doncic Houston’s James Harden Lakers’ LeBron James (captain) Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard Lakers’ Anthony Davis
Sarah K. Spencer: The Hawks fly to OKC this afternoon ⁠— that means Trae Young gets to watch from home with family as All-Star starters are announced. "Hopefully some good news comes out of it... For me being able to watch it and tune in, being in Oklahoma, and playing in OKC, that's a dream."
For his part, Towns said he’s not thinking about the All-Star game too much, even after he was emotional last season after being selected. “It would be an honor. But, for me, I'm not even worried about that to tell you honestly,” Towns said. “I just worry about winning. That's the only thing. I don't wake and say, 'I need to get these amount of points and these rebounds and these statistics for an All-Star bid.' The last thing I'm thinking about is the All-Star bid. I'm trying to figure out ways to get wins for my team, my organization, and to find better ways to lead.”
Playing in the Rising Stars Challenge certainly isn’t a make-or-break deal or even an accurate reflection of a player’s rookie year. But it is an opportunity for Culver to be around the best players in the league that should only help his confidence. “I think that he’s very deserving of that,” Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunders said Tuesday. “You look around the league and Jarrett, the way he’s come on and the way he’s progressed, his improvement and development is a great story over this last month here. . . Being around other players like that, being around other All-Stars . . . that will really help Jarrett.”
Monday was the final day of fan All-Star voting. For Alex Caruso, it was greeted with an exhale. The 25-year-old guard has enjoyed riding the wave of a surge of fan voting, clocking in a No. 4 among Western Conference guards last Thursday ahead of such esteemed players as Russell Westbrook, Donovan Mitchell and Devin Booker. But fun is fun. Even Caruso isn’t stumping for himself at this point.
The most likely candidate to continue the Spurs’ streak is DeMar DeRozan, who has scored 21 or more points in the last 12 games in a row and 30 or better in three of the last four outings. During that 12-game span, the four-time All-Star is averaging 27.3 points and 5.7 assists while shooting 65.1 percent from the field. “The fan vote is kind of a popularity contest, but obviously DeMar should be in it with what he’s been doing, especially this last month or so,” Spurs guard Derrick White said after shootaround in preparation for Friday’s game with Atlanta.
Q: All-Star weekend is coming to Chicago. What would mean for you to be in the real game? Derrick Rose: It would be cool. But right now, we’re losing. That’s the only thing that’s been on my mind right now, trying to fix things here with the team. There has been a lot of long nights just trying to think and trying to put together a plan. I can only do so much. Just trying to control what I can control and be a leader for this team. Whatever this team needs, just try to be there. Being back in Chicago, I know people in Chicago are going to love it. It’s something we’ve been missing for a long time. The excitement, the buzz around it has been great. When is the last time they had it, with Mike [Jordan]?
Brad Stevens reacts to the amount of votes for Tacko Fall for All-Star Game: "Obviously he's played like 10 minutes here, so he shouldn't be sixth in All-Star voting, but I get it."
“He’s playing like a dominant force,” Mitchell said. “When he’s decisive and just goes out there and tries to punish people on both ends of the floor, he turns into the All-Star that he is. Nights like this, and nights like Detroit, he did the same thing. He’s playing at a really high level right now.” But will Gobert be an All-Star? That’s the pressing question. He’s averaging 14 points and 14 rebounds per game. His game isn’t flashy. He’s not going to dribble between his legs or throw down highlight dunks. His game, for how impactful it is, is still quiet to the casual fan. It’s the reason why he hasn’t made a dent in the fan vote. It’s the reason why Boston Celtics rookie Tacko Fall has more votes than he does.
"I think for him, he's been here longer than me, he's been underrated for his whole career," Mitchell said. "I think he probably saw what happened, probably saw the [All-Star] voting and was like, 'All right, cool,' and went out there and dominated the game like he was supposed to. He's gonna keep doing it and it's not gonna be based off of whether he's in the All-Star voting with the fans or not, he deserves it and I think he'll get it."
Farbod Esnaashari: Reporter: Do you pay attention to All-Star voting? Kawhi: No.
Marc Stein: Luka and Giannis have the early lead in All-Star voting ...
The Celtics were scheduled for an afternoon flight to Toronto and, it being Christmas Eve, players and coaches had plenty of loose ends to tie up before the holiday. Brown, even as his play this season has spawned some All-Star buzz, was in no rush to leave the practice facility. "I’m not really paying attention to [the All-Star buzz],” Brown said in an empty gym after his post-practice workout was finally complete. "It would be a blessing. It would be extremely dope to even be mentioned in the conversation. To be honest, I still think I can be a lot better. I think the best is yet to come for me this season.
Michael Scotto: Spencer Dinwiddie spoke to Kobe Bryant before tonight's game. Kobe told @SDinwiddie_25 he's "playing like an All-Star."
Asked if he thought Randle could be an All-Star this season, Knicks coach David Fizdale said, “Absolutely. I think a lot has got to go right, obviously. We’ve got to play good basketball. We’ve got to understand our roles. We’ve got to understand how to help him. But with the way that he approaches the game and his work ethic and his selflessness, I think he'll have a chance.”
Which is why even after a career-best 2018-19 campaign with the Chicago Bulls, he knows what needs to be done in order to achieve his goal of becoming an NBA All-Star. "Everything comes with winning. I feel like if we win and we're in the right positions, the sky is the limit for me," LaVine told ESPN following Thursday's practice. "I had an All-Star-caliber year last year, but we had 22 wins so it got a little bit swept under the rug. But that's how it's supposed to be when you have 20 wins. But if I continue to play the way I'm supposed to, there's no reason I shouldn't be an All-Star or All-NBA type guy."
“Am I an All-Star? No. Doesn’t mean I can’t be in the future. You never know. There’s been guys like Kyle Lowry, guys who been in the league for six or seven years and they go somewhere and it clicks. No one thought D’Angelo Russell was going to be who he was this year, and then he goes to Brooklyn and turns into an All-Star. “I’ll never count myself out, but in terms of accepting who you are, I’m fine with that. I love where I’m at. I was 19 years old. I thought I knew everything and things don’t work, which is the first time in my life it didn’t work. Even at Duke it was easy for me, I was better than everybody. I come here, and I didn’t play well.
As public address announcer Paul Porter introduced that night’s “hometown hero,” a longtime Daytona Beach Fire Department employee, Vucevic kept peeking toward the row behind the scorer’s table. There, Magic chief communications officer Joel Glass and director of communications George Galante watched the announcement of the 2018-19 Eastern Conference All-Star reserves on a TV monitor. Careful not to disrespect the hometown hero, Vucevic kept averting his eyes from Glass and Galante. Then, all of a sudden, he heard Glass shout an emphatic “Yes!” Vucevic looked over again and saw Glass and Galante smiling. Galante held his fist held high in the air. Vucevic had to be sure. “Yes?” he mouthed. “You’re in!” Galante yelled.
In that overwhelming moment, on the verge of tears of joy, Vucevic had to share his happiness with two of the most important people in his life. He turned left, glanced into Section 113 across from the Magic bench, and signaled to his mom and dad, Ljiljana and Borislav Vucevic. They beamed. Now, two weeks later, with the 2019 NBA All-Star Game set for Sunday in Charlotte, N.C., Nikola still delights in his good fortune — that he earned an All-Star nod, that his parents experienced his selection with him, that the Magic are in a playoff chase and, most important of all, that he and his wife, Nikoleta, have a 2-month-old son.
He was also part of a significant battle for the game’s MVP award. Eventually, former University of Utah and current Los Angeles Laker forward Kyle Kuzma took home the game’s MVP, scoring 35 points in the game on 15-27 shooting. “I want to make the All-Star Game next year. That’s the next level,” Kuzma said. “I have confidence that I can one day be an All-Star in this league. That’s definitely a goal for me, ever since I was a kid.”
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July 7, 2022 | 6:31 am EDT Update

Nets not thrilled with trade offers for Kevin Durant

“From what I understand, I don’t think the Nets are thrilled with the offers they have gotten for Durant yet,” said Windhorst. “I don’t think that that’s a hot take considering that they’re reassessing with where they’re at. I think the reason is this: It’s somewhat known in the NBA that Durant prefers going to the Phoenix Suns and the Suns offer, what they have to offer right now just isn’t that interesting to Brooklyn. Brooklyn is interested in other things. That’s why Woj and others talking about needing a third or fourth team in a deal.

Kevin Durant not talking to anybody since trade request?

Since Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Nets last Thursday, he’s reportedly “gone dark” in regards to speaking with other basketball players and team personnel, according to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes. “Since he requested a trade, there’s been numerous stars that I’ve spoken to, numerous stars that have been trying to get in touch with him to pick his brain to see if he would consider other avenues, just want to get a sense of what he’s thinking—KD’s going dark,” Haynes said on his Posted Up podcast. “He’s not talking to anybody. Not answering anybody’s phone calls, not responding to texts. The only time you see him get out into the sunlight is when he responds on Twitter, and he’s not saying anything much on there.”
“I think that’s another consideration Brooklyn has to make about whether it’s a positive or negative to move Kyrie Irving either before Kevin Durant or after Kevin Durant,” Woj said regarding an Irving trade on NBA Today. “The market is certainly very different for Kevin Durant than it is for Kyrie Irving. “The Nets have talked with the Lakers and I believe there has been back-and-forth, some communication. You look at where there’s cap space right now and a team like San Antonio could be a facilitator right now in let’s say a Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving deal between the teams. They have the cap space. Now, you have to incentivize them at a pretty high level and I think that’s the willingness of the Lakers to incentivize a deal with multiple draft picks. I think that’s part of the reason that the deal hasn’t gone anywhere yet.”
While Deandre Ayton has been viewed as a potential trade chip in Kevin Durant talks, the restricted free-agent center has reportedly been exploring his options elsewhere. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on the Hoop Collective podcast (44:50 mark) that Ayton has taken meetings with teams that “are not involved in potential Durant negotiations.” It’s unclear whether any of those teams have made formal contract offers.
After a season where he even flirted with the final four, Mike James is ready to say “yes” to Monaco’s offer that will keep him in the team with the aim of reaching at least Europe’s top four in the upcoming season. Before the season even ended, Monaco had presented a renewal offer to James, which was below the threshold of two million euros per year. Now the amounts have risen to this level and James, who was discreetly looking toward the NBA, is ready to accept it and remain in the Principality.