Candace Buckner: “Rui is back tonight.” — Scott B…

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Fred Katz: Brooks on if Rui might play a rehab G League game: "We haven’t got to that point, but definitely he’ll practice. Probably not games because, one, we have a game every other night. If we can get some good practices in, he’ll be ready. But that’s not out of the equation either."
Candace Buckner: Brooks on Hachimura: “He’s been out for – what? – a month now. I don’t know if he’s coming back February but he’s on the court. Not doing much. Just left-hand layups, right-hand layups. All the work that our development team will put together.”
Hachimura re-joined the team on the sidelines for last night’s game vs. Portland. He will be re-evaluated in approximately two weeks as he continues to recover from a minor procedure associated with the groin injury he sustained on Dec. 16 in Detroit.
Chase Hughes: Rui Hachimura will be out several more weeks according to Scott Brooks. He has been away from the team since having surgery.
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