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June 17, 2021 | 5:05 pm EDT Update
When did you figure out that the mental side of sports is something that also takes work? Chris Bosh: I found that out pretty early. I’d always noticed how people would compliment me for being smarter or even trying in the classroom. Then as I got older, in basketball, the plays became more complex. The situations became more complex, you have to learn all the offenses, you have to learn multiple plays, you have to remember them. You have to remember defensive coverages. I just saw right away how much people talk differently about somebody who can comprehend that information.
What did you learn from times when you lost? CB: Well, I definitely learned what I didn’t do right. There’s no escaping that. That’s why I love sports. Because the minute that you lose, you know that that was a better team. They played a better series, and you have to be OK with that. But then most importantly, you remember those shortcuts, you remember that loose ball you didn’t get. You remember that one more rep in the gym you didn’t get. Those are the things that come back to haunt you.
Knowing MJ’s propensity for taking thing personally, er, competitive nature, I was certain he returned this year to avenge his loss. But unfortunately things haven’t gone exceptionally well this time around, as His Airness’ haul of a 25-pound dolphinfish — that’s Mahi Mahi for the untrained eye — landed him in eighth place on the “heaviest dolphin” leaderboard. To add insult to injury, a tournament representative confirmed to “Insider” that the other fish Jordan’s crew caught on Tuesday was the wrong species and had to be thrown back in the water.
June 17, 2021 | 4:47 pm EDT Update