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May 18, 2021 | 4:30 pm EDT Update

Lloyd Pierce of Hawks firing: Sometimes it's just not the right fit

Lloyd Pierce on being fired by the Hawks: Whatever the case may be, I’m not the first person to be fired or let go. And the team’s going on and done well. That’s happened many times before. Sometimes it’s just not the right fit sometimes it’s just not the right understanding. Sometimes the growth of the organization moves at one speed and you’re moving at a different and someone else is able to do it differently and better, or whatever the case may be. And I get that. I think as coaches we all respect one another. And I think Doc’s statements were to be a realist, but also to show support, because he understands the grind that we all go through as coaches the day-to-day part. Are you coaching minute restrictions? Are you coaching injured players? Are you coaching transactions… whatever the case may be, we know it. We know it more than the outside. And so he’s just showing his support. But he’s also saying, hey, I’ve been there. There’s other coaches that have been there. Unfortunately, that’s what we go through, but we all know it.
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Lloyd Pierce: I’m still a coach. And so it’s an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Utah spacing on offense and how they’re generating the type of threes they’re generating and why they’re shooting the percentages that they’re shooting. I think Quinn (Snyder) does a tremendous job of getting the corners filled, their downhill attack, and this is in the half court, which makes it even more special. The way they can space doesn’t matter who’s in the corner. Gobert, they don’t just have them as a traditional post running to the block. He’s playing through the elbow. He’s playing in the trail spot and he’s obviously going into some pick and roll, some ball screen… So to watch it a little closer to study it.
May 18, 2021 | 2:25 pm EDT Update