"I would average more because you can't foul as hard [i…

“I would average more because you can’t foul as hard [in today’s game],” O’Neal said. And as far as playing against the modern-era bigs? “You can shoot jumpers, but you have to understand that when you’re shooting jumpers, you have to have your legs. F–k around with me three or four quarters, you’re not going to have your legs,” O’Neal continued. “That’s why every guy who shot jumpers against me probably had a nice one, two or even three quarters. But in that fourth quarter? I’m just going to go into the middle of the block, you’re going to be in foul trouble, so you’re not going to be in the game. And then when you try to shoot a jump shot, I’m going to get up on you. And when you drive by me, I’m going to try to break your arm. I’m going to foul you real hard and get in your head.”
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