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Serge Ibaka: Cardio day at home pic.twitter.com/LzSRGBnzwk

Malika Andrews: The Nets said in a statement that their players and staff were exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, prompting them to get tested. Full statement: pic.twitter.com/ZChF35XlKT

Pau Gasol: Training, eating healthy, spending family time, and watching documentaries like this one from @SerenaWilliams is what I’ve been doing these days. #ImStayingHome🏠 Tomorrow I’ll be on #InstagramLive to chat about how you guys are doing these days. See you then! pic.twitter.com/yfB6wD0dGB

The N.B.A. has crowned a champion in each of its 73 previous seasons and wants to avoid the sort of unappealing, unresolved conclusion to a season that Major League Baseball endured in 1994, when a labor impasse halted play in August. League officials want this even if it means returning from a first-of-its-kind extended delay to play in empty arenas and serving up the type of raggedy product that could well result from a lengthy hiatus.
Dave McMenamin: The Lakers administered testing to players only - not coaches/trainers - today, sources told ESPN. Players arrived at the test site and never left their cars during the procedure, which took a matter of minutes, involving a Q-tip being placed up their nostril to secure a culture
One person said the doctor inserted a big swab in the nose, that it had to touch the throat and then was twisted while inside the nose. It took about 10 seconds for the testing to be completed. The testing wasn’t mandatory for the Lakers’ players, and none of the coaches were tested.
Players who took the test are hoping to get the results back by Friday. “It hurts,” one person said. “It doesn’t feel good.”
Nikola Vucevic: Have questions about the coronavirus? The @NBA has great resources from @cdcgov & @WHO: http://coronavirus.nba.com
Tilman Fertitta's Post Oak Hotel is cutting worker benefits as it and others in the hospitality industry cope with dining room closures, lost conference bookings and room cancellations as the country stays home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Vacation and paid time off benefits will be temporarily suspended and any time off would go unpaid, according to a memo sent to employees this week from the hotel's general manager Jorge Gonzales. The letter tells employees of the hotel at 1600 West Loop South where to find information on how to apply for unemployment benefits.
Fertitta, a Galveston native who owns the Houston Rockets and a global restaurant empire, told CNBC's Power Lunch early this month that his business was off $1 million a day from a base of $12 million a day in restaurant sales. "But remember, that last million in sales is your most profitable," he said on CNBC, which airs his reality show Billion Dollar Buyer. "That's where your heavy profit is, so if you don't cut expenses than what can you cut? We're not going to cut the quality of the product. You can only cut labor."
Wilson Chandler: Building manager called me saying “Oh, I seen Nets players had the virus. We would like to know your status. And if you could possibly stay out of the lobby etc. We can’t afford to lose our staff.” Didn’t even ask was I ok, one. And two, she didn’t ask me if I had been tested and if it was negative or positive. F--- this building man. I’m going home. Has to be 300 + plus ppl in this building coming and going. Plus Fed Ex and UPs deliveries, Amazon etc. F--- that lady man.
However, that’s all on hold since the NBA season has been suspended due to COVID-19. While pausing the season is understandable, it has led to frustration for many, including Hoskins who depends on his freelance check from NBA Entertainment. No games, no paycheck. “In the short term, I’ve got time off because normally I keep my schedule open (for the Pacers) up until the middle of April and the first of May because of the playoffs,” Hoskins said.
Silver’s decision set off a chain of events that led to the postponement of several high-profile sporting events for millions of people, including the NCAA men's and women's tournaments, the NHL season, MLB's spring training and the Masters, to name a few. And the NBA’s move may end up playing an important role in flattening the curve of outbreak – a public health service that could save lives and help minimize stress on health care personnel and services. “His action was instrumental at getting the political will and the economic will across the country over the hump, to switch us from one mode of thinking to another and get us to realize this is no longer an inconvenience and it is a national emergency,” Rishi Desai told USA TODAY Sports.
Silver relied on relationships he had formed to help him understand coronavirus and its potential impact. One of Silver’s strengths, beyond his intelligence and marketing skills, is his ability to maintain connections, never knowing when someone might be able to help, one person told USA TODAY Sports. Silver also has an influential circle of trusted confidants including former American Express CEO Ken Chenault and former Disney CEO Bob Iger.
The 64-year old Roberts said she is certain more players will test positive after some notable names already have. “I was mortified any of our players would test positive. But the more I learned about the likelihood of fatalities among all of us given our ages and pre-existing conditions, I have learned to embrace the probability that many of our players will be positive for the virus,” Roberts said. “They want to understand exactly what the health risks are. So whatever information we can impart, we do. We are (as) vigilant as we can and try to update them.”
Three Warriors players have left the Bay Area to join their families, Myers said, without identifying which ones. No Warriors employee, at this point, has tested positive for the coronavirus, he said. But no employee has tested negative, either. Until a coach, player or staffer is symptomatic, they won’t test at all, in accordance with local and state government preferences, according to Myers. “We’ve been told that the testing is in short supply and we’re treating ourselves like people,” Myers said. “Which is what we are. We’re not better than anybody, not worse. Just a basketball team. … I’ve been told by our doctors, medical community, we shouldn’t be testing asymptomatic people at this point in California. … We’ve been told there’s not enough tests to do that.”
Do we know anything about how (Nets) got tested? Alex Schiffer: They went to a private company.
An NBA official said no final decisions have been made on the lottery or combine. If the regular season is canceled, the Knicks would hold the sixth-best odds in the lottery at 21-45. That gives them a nine percent chance of winning the No. 1 pick and a 27.5 percent chance of a top-three pick. There’s also a scenario of falling to No. 10.
As the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the coronavirus hovers over the world, Golden State Warriors coach and Team USA assistant Steve Kerr said Tuesday that the staff must plan as if the Tokyo Olympics will go on as scheduled this summer. Kerr said he has been in contact with Team USA head coach Gregg Popovich in recent days. "Pop and I have spoken a couple of times over the last week or so," Kerr said Tuesday during a conference call with reporters. "And everything's just up in the air. There's no sense of whether things are going to be delayed or anything. We're all kind of sitting here wondering what's going to happen, and so is the rest of the world. We're just going to plan as if this is going to happen, and we're going to try and put together a roster, and that's all we can do."
Given the exposure risks from our game against the Nets on March 10th, we are following the next steps of our COVID-19 procedures and protocol that are established in consultation with various health officials, the NBA and our UCLA Health doctors.

Adrian Wojnarowski: Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the NBA is planning to raise its credit line up to $1.2 billion, sources tell ESPN. The previous credit line has been $650 million.
Adrian Wojnarowski: The NBA discussed the plan on a call with the Board of Governors on Tuesday, sources said. For the NBA, this would allow the league to increase cash flow through what’s expected to be an extended shutdown of the season.
On players testing positive for the coronavirus: Michelle Roberts: “A whole lot of us are going to test positive. Even if we aren’t positive, we got the virus. I don’t intend to disclose identities because there’s a stigma attached to that. But I certainly know there will be more players, more league staff and my own staff [that will be tested positive]. I was hearing the numbers that 40 to 50% of our population will be positive for the virus, whether or not we test for it.”
Michelle Roberts: “What my players are asking of me is the same thing I ask of my local government and the federal government. They want to know what is the best estimate on how bad it is going to get. We understand the health concerns. Despite the fact that they are a population that is not presumably at risk, they have moms, grandmothers and children. They want to understand exactly what the health risks are. So whatever information we can impart, we do.”
Michele Roberts: “I wouldn’t share specific conversations with Adam. But the league is not any more able to predict the future than you and I are. We know this situation will likely get worse. We will not put players, team or staff at risk. It’s not hard to figure out what we can’t do. The only issue is when are things going to be safe enough to resume play? Everyone is guessing. I’m watching what happened in China. It looks like that cycle took six months. So will it take us six months for us to get through this? I don’t know.”
Mike Vorkunov: No word yet from the Knicks whether any player has undergone COVID-19 testing or tested positive. Several other teams have volunteered that information. NYK played 2 teams in season's last week with players who later tested positive. Part of larger public health picture as well.
Jeremy Lin: And I dont wanna hear about no German measles/Spanish flu bc everyday Asian-Americans inc ppl I know are threatened and physically attacked. I dont give a crap about the history of names rn. What I do know is this subtle anti-Chinese message only empowers more hate towards asians
Spurs guard Marco Belinelli is offering financial assistance to hospitals in his native Bologna, Italy, to aid in the battle against the global coronavirus outbreak. The country has been among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 31,000 diagnosed cases and 2,500 deaths.
The NBA broadcasters are suffering mightily from the loss of programming. Almost $700 million of ads will be at risk for Disney should the suspended season be fully canceled, Geetha Ranganathan, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, said in a note Tuesday. Turner, which was going to show the scuttled NCAA March Madness college basketball championship in addition to the NBA, faces a loss of almost $960 million in ads, she said.
Shams Charania: Durant has not had symptoms and was among four positive test results on the Nets. The two-time NBA Finals MVP's message is one for everyone to heed: Stay quarantined.
Connor Letourneau: Steve Kerr, a Team USA assistant, on the possibility of the Summer Olympics being canceled: "Everything's up in the air. We're all sitting here wondering what's going to happen, and so is the rest of the world."
Wes Goldberg: Bob Myers on when he saw Jazz and Thunder players getting pulled off the floor. "Once it did, just connecting the dots for me, my immediate thought was they would have suspend the season."
JD Shaw: Four Brooklyn Nets players have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Only one is exhibiting symptoms while three are asymptomatic, the team says.
David Aldridge: Wow: pic.twitter.com/S34NRo3lC5

Bam Adebayo: Mood Pt.5 pic.twitter.com/VLJsujjrNA

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