Bulls guard Tomas Satoransky did an interview with a re…

Bulls guard Tomas Satoransky did an interview with a reporter from his home country and the headline read, “Imprisoned in USA!” The article wasn’t that extreme. But Satoransky did admit he wishes the NBA season would be canceled so he and his family can go home to the Czech Republic. He spoke to reporter Tomas Rambousek from Nova Sport for a story published Thursday. “It is not pleasant at all to stay here and watch how the owners of the teams try to finish off the season in order to not lose so much money,” Satoransky said, according to a translation. “It’s not very pleasant also because we — me with my wife and daughter — would like to depart to the Czech Republic. “The way I see it is that the season will get canceled, but it’s not up to me.”
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June 25, 2021 | 9:21 am EDT Update

Hawks frustrated with officiating

So, why does this matter now? Because sources say the Atlanta Hawks are not happy that the league is continuing to look the other way on the matter in the Eastern Conference Finals. In the Hawks’ Game 1 116-113 win over the Bucks on Wednesday, Antetokounmpo — by the Hawks’ internal count — ranged between 11.5 seconds and 13.3 seconds on his eight attempts but wasn’t whistled once.
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The Australian Federation announced that guard/forward Ryan Broekhoff and forward/center Isaac Humphries have withdrawn from the national team ahead of the Olympic Games. Broekhoff mentioned mental health issues as the reason he’ll skip playing with the Boomers this summer. “My mental health is something I have struggled with for a long time and I think it’s important for me to put my hand up and admit when things aren’t ok and that it is time to seek help.”
Carlisle has talked with most of his players already. He didn’t speak with Sabonis, who is with the Lithuanian national team. “I had relevant, constructive conversations about the situation,” he said. “I like the tone. I like the way these guys are talking. It sounds like a group that’s ready to make some sacrifices.”
June 25, 2021 | 9:00 am EDT Update
According to several sources, tension arose between both coaches and Griffin when management tried to incorporate its preferences into player evaluations, rotations and general strategy. The strain led to a recognition of differing philosophies between the coaching staff and front office, pulling the Pelicans away from the “shared vision” Griffin so commonly refers to when addressing franchise goals.