“The translations can be tough,” Kelly, who was in …

“The translations can be tough,” Kelly, who was in second season in Japan, said via phone last week. “But the people are incredibly kind and welcoming. The food is great. My dad came out there the first year and he didn’t realize that right near my apartment, not that I was eating there, but there’s a Krispy Kreme there. Tokyo’s an incredible city. It’s a beautiful place with a lot of history.” Testing for COVID-19 was not mandatory in Japan. The country had taken the position of other nations that it would save its tests for those who showed the most acute symptoms of the illness, and try to keep those people in clusters so that they would not spread the virus. The country had quarantined a cruise ship in Yokohama in which more than 700 persons who’d been aboard ultimately tested positive for COVID-19, but that one hotspot accounted for a huge portion of the country’s total positives.
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