You mentioned the moped incident (that happened in 2008…

You mentioned the moped incident (that happened in 2008). It was reported then that you had lied to the organization and that you injured yourself playing basketball. Why did you feel the need to lie about it? Monta Ellis: I was a young kid, I had just signed the biggest deal of my life. So that was my biggest thing was to be like, ‘Man, I got to try to make it something basketball-related.’ So, I panicked. I said what I said. But then after I did that, I came back and I told them exactly what happened. I admitted it. I said ‘I’ll give you 2.5 (million dollars) back from the contract that I just signed.’ And so they suspended me for 57 games that they already knew I was going to miss anyway just so they could get another $500,000 so it could be $3 million versus ($2.5 million). And so that’s when our relationship turned.
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February 25, 2021 | 2:03 am EST Update

Brandon Ingram takes All-Star snub as motivation

Jim Eichenhofer: Brandon Ingram, after being asked how he views not being All-Star: “I took it as motivation. Of course, I’ve got to be self-aware, and say that if it was questioned, maybe I’m not doing enough. Maybe I need to get more wins. I’ll be good enough to not have it questioned anymore.”
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“I was happy for some of the first time All-Stars in Zach LaVine, Julius Randle,” Shaw said. “He was a player that I coached in L.A. He has gotten better and better every year. I thought that maybe Damian Lillard should have gotten a starting nod. (I’m also happy for) Jaylen Brown, a guy that played at Cal, who I’m familiar with in the Bay area. For him to get an All-Star nod, I thought that maybe he should have gotten one last year.”