Out of the league since 2017, the 34-year-old Ellis now…

Out of the league since 2017, the 34-year-old Ellis now lives in Dallas, where he runs a coaching clinic called Ellis Elite. Last week, the Bay Area News Group caught up with Ellis, who, years later, opened up about feeling betrayed by the front office, an infamous moped-related accident, and the turbulent end of his Warriors tenure. Is it true that you found out that you were traded from the Warriors by watching ESPN? Monta Ellis: Yes. What was that like? Monta Ellis: Heartbreaking. It was the turning point of my career because I felt like I was owed the opportunity to know what was happening. And the killer part was I had just talked to them before I left the hotel and they told me that they weren’t going to trade me. We were a couple games out of the eighth spot and we were going to try to make a run. And so, I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m cool with that.’ And then I leave from the hotel and get to the arena and I go in and one of my teammates, Dominic McGuire, he’s says, ‘Bro, you’ve been traded.’ I said ‘No, bro, I haven’t been traded. They told me they weren’t going to trade me. I just got off the phone with them.’ He was like, ‘Bro they just traded you.’ So he grabbed me, he said, ‘Look.’ He turned me around and (on the TV it) said ‘Breaking news, Monta Ellis has been traded.’
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