Aaron Watkins hopped on a bus with his bag and his Moun…

Aaron Watkins hopped on a bus with his bag and his Mount Caramel breakaway pants. (As if the video itself, complete with the Logo Athletic splash Cowboys hat, wasn’t ’90s enough.) The gym was packed. Father and son watched Jordan take part in a couple of scrimmages before it got late and they reluctantly decided they would head home. “I was the only kid in there, and Mike just yelled and said: ‘Hey kid, you don’t wanna run with me?’” Watkins said. “And immediately, I mean before my dad could even turn around, I ripped off my tearaway pants and I was ready to check into the game.”
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June 25, 2021 | 4:16 am EDT Update

Warriors owner not worried about LeBron James recruiting Stephen Curry

What does Lacob think of reports from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst that LeBron James has essentially been recruiting Curry to the Lakers for months now? “Look, Steph Curry, if he really wanted to leave at the end of his contract, he’s a free agent, he’s earned the right, he can do it,” Lacob said. “I said that with Kevin Durant. I’m still friends with Kevin Durant and I still really like him. And I will always love him for what he did for this franchise. By the way, he took less money when he was here. He really helped us. We were able to get a couple of other players. … Players don’t usually do that and he did that. So I have great respect and admiration for that for Kevin. And I would for Steph no matter what he does, too. He’s done a lot for us, we’ve done a lot for him. I would hope that we provide the environment for him that he wants to be at for the rest of his. … “I’m certainly not worried about the guy you mentioned recruiting him. I don’t think that’s going to happen.”
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