Horace Grant: It was one of the toughest, most difficul…

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Horace Grant: It was one of the toughest, most difficult decisions I made in my life. After winning 3 championships, the year MJ retired, we had a pretty good season, winning 55 games and taking the Knicks to a Game 7. It was a pretty darn good year. I sat down with Scottie and I said “listen, I’ve got to look out for myself and my family.” And he understood. We embraced, we talked a little bit more, and I wished him well and he wished me well. It was tough. On the other hand, you look at a team with Shaq, Penny Hardaway…that was a great opportunity for me to go and lend my expertise to a young team with great talent.
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July 28, 2021 | 2:42 am EDT Update
A league source told The Sacramento Bee the 24-year-old guard is seeking a new contract worth about $9 million per year, which would be slightly higher than the four-year, $34.6 million deal De’Anthony Melton signed with the Memphis Grizzlies in November. It remains to be seen if Davis will be able to command that kind of salary two years after going undrafted out of Ole Miss, but his camp can draw comparisons to Melton based on his age and level of production.

Aaron Henry: 'I feel underrated, but what else is new?'

Do you feel underrated coming into the draft? Aaron Henry: Absolutely I feel underrated, but what else is new? It’s been like that since I was 16 years old in high school. Homeschools didn’t even recruit me. It always happens, but I always end up making the most of my opportunities. I wasn’t even expected to play when I came to Michigan State as a freshman, and I beat the odds there. Whatever happens Thursday (NBA Draft) happens. I’m a worker. I’m going to find my way like I always have. I’ve always been overlooked, under-recruited, underrated in the process. Hard work will beat everything. That’s what I’m about.
Where do you think you rank against the other forwards in the draft? Aaron Henry: At the top for sure. I don’t know anybody who would give you a different answer. I belong up there for sure. There’s not much I can’t do. My free throw percentage went up. I’ve shown I can shoot it between the 34-35 percent (three-point) clip for a season playing on or off the ball. I can defend with the best of them and rebound. I can pass. A team is going to be happy with what they get from me.