Royce White: What black athletes can do to leverage the…

Royce White: What black athletes can do to leverage their societal position is even less complex. Many of these lukewarm centrists want to use leverage as a noun. But leverage is one of those unique words that does not exist without action. In that way leverage is the perfect reflection of what is needed now. Leverage is a verb, it requires use. If one doesn’t use their leverage, it simply does not exist in a real way. Anybody saying athletes should return to play in order to “leverage” their celebrity so they can speak about these issues on some “larger platform” does not understand the gravity of this moment. They don’t understand the call to social duty. As you and many others have recently voiced, our activism can no longer take shape as these infertile awareness campaigns. Everybody is aware, they’ve been aware. This time, only action will suffice.
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February 4, 2023 | 5:34 pm EST Update