Sources said the nature of the calls into the “snitch…

Sources said the nature of the calls into the “snitch line” have been for things like failures to wear a mask or being within six feet of someone away from the court. The same sources said neither Holmes — who walked too far off campus to meet a food delivery person — nor Caboclo (who left his room during the initial 36-hour quarantine period mandated for all players upon arriving to campus) were busted through calls to the anonymous line. But their violations, breaking quarantine and leaving campus, are two of the big no-nos.
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June 30, 2022 | 1:25 pm EDT Update

PJ Tucker unlikely to return to Miami

Alex Schiffer: Multiple teams — including Atlanta, Minnesota, Brooklyn, Chicago and Philadelphia — are expected to compete for PJ Tucker in free agency. All are expected to offer the full mid-level/TPMLE exception. He is unlikely to return to Miami, per sources.
June 30, 2022 | 12:26 pm EDT Update
Re-signing Brunson at a deal that pays him $30 million annually, per Bobby Mark’s calculations, could cost the team $130 million in salary and subsequent taxes next season. That’s without the team using its taxpayer’s mid-level exception, a $6.4-million carveout that the team might need to sign another wing or split among several players asking more than the veteran’s minimum. It’s another calculation the team must make, a financial one dependent on how much Cuban is truly willing to spend. Dallas can’t be blamed for its valuation of Brunson being lower than New York’s. Team sources have certainly expressed surprise and dismay at just how much the Knicks are prepared to offer him. But sometimes, that’s the cost of free agency.