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Eric Smith: Nurse says OG practiced today and looks good. "He was bouncy" He adds OG doesn't need protective goggles or anything. ---- OG is expected to play tomorrow.
It looks like OG Anunoby could be active for Game 2. According to the NBA's injury report, Anunoby is listed as "probable" Sunday night as he continues to recover from an emergency appendectomy he had at the beginning of the playoffs.
Josh Lewenberg: Nick Nurse says OG Anunoby is about 10 days away from being able to play. "He's doing better. He's on the court. He's moving around. He's not 100%, but he's healing."
Ryan Wolstat: Per sources, the Raptors are quietly optimistic that they’ll get OG Anunoby back at some point vs. Warriors in the NBA Finals. They don’t know for sure, but spacing of games should help. Also long breaks between most games helps Kawhi quite a bit.
Josh Lewenberg: OG Anunoby is out here getting some (very) light work in. First time I've seen him on the court pre-game since the appendectomy.

Raptors head coach Nick Nurse said on Sportsnet 590 The Fan’s Prime Time Sports that he doesn’t anticipate Anunoby playing in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks. “It was tough. It was a tough one,” Nurse said Tuesday about the surgery, which normally takes around an hour to complete. “I feel so bad for him.” An infection during the surgery is what made the surgery rough, Nurse said.
After an emergency appendectomy, Toronto Raptors guard OG Anunoby could be unavailable in the playoffs until a potential berth in the Eastern Conference Finals, league sources told ESPN. The second-seeded Raptors meet the Orlando Magic in Game 1 of an Eastern Conference first-round series on Saturday.
Shams Charania: Raptors' OG Anunoby is expected to be sidelined at least two weeks, league sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium. Blow to Toronto's lineup.
Eric Smith: Nick Nurse says OG will play tonight.
Josh Lewenberg: Only Anunoby (probable) and McCaw (out) listed on the afternoon injury report. Would expect the Raps to play these next 2 games (tonight in Charlotte, Sunday vs Miami) straight up and rest guys (Kawhi, Lowry, maybe others) in next Tuesday's season finale @ Minnesota.
Doug Smith: Raptors move OG Anunoby to "out" for tonight vs. Knicks. Seems a prudent decision
Eric Smith: OG...was working out this morning with the team...experienced some dizziness. So, as the Raptors PR noted earlier, he is out with concussion-like symptoms.
Ryan Wolstat: Sounds like OG Anunoby should be back for Pacers game Wed. with a chance for tomorrow vs. Kings too. Kawhi away today at scheduled doctor’s appointment.
Josh Lewenberg: Anunoby will play, so will Miles. Only Powell is expected to be out for the Raps
Eric Smith: OG Anunoby, CJ Miles, Norman Powell are out, according to Nick Nurse. Kyle Lowry is a game time decision.
Ryan Wolstat: Nurse says Anunoby should be back next game. OG says he’s fine, just a sprain. Same one he broke in high school, but all good.
Ryan Wolstat: OG Anunoby is out (wrist), C.J. Miles (adductor) are out for Raptors tonight (Norman Powell too) plus Kawhi. LaVine highly questionable per Bulls.
Ryan Wolstat: OG Anunoby done for the night with a sprained right wrist. Fell on a non-call earlier in the night.
Michael Grange: Raptors will be without OG Anunoby (ankle) and Delon Wright (toe) vs. Rockets -- they combined for 30 points on 13 shots in Raptors win vs. HOU in Nov. Rockets didn't have Chris Paul that night, now they do.
Josh Lewenberg: As expected, OG Anunoby (ankle) will miss his first NBA game tonight. He played 60 straight & started the last 48, which is pretty remarkable considering he underwent serious knee surgery 13 months ago & was supposed to be out until Dec.
Josh Lewenberg: Anunoby (listed as doubtful with an ankle sprain) is almost certainly out tonight and sounds like he could miss additional time. Casey wouldn't commit to a replacement this AM, said it could be fluid. Expectation is Powell starts.
Josh Lewenberg: OG Anunoby is done for the night with a sprained right ankle. It's the same ankle he turned earlier this month. Raptors next game is Friday in Washington. The rook still hasn't missed an NBA game.
Josh Robbins: Raptors officials said OG Anunoby sprained his right ankle and will not play the rest of the game. X-rays were taken and showed no fractures.
Josh Lewenberg: Casey said he doesn't think Anunoby's ankle injury is serious. "I think he's okay. He turned it a little bit. It was tender and we didn't want to risk it."
The Raptors drafted OG Anunoby 23rd overall in June knowing that the 20-year-old might not be able to participate fully on the court until December or so after undergoing knee surgery back in January. When asked at media day on Monday how he was feeling health-wise, Anunoby said he was good and was getting stronger every day. “I’m right where I thought I was going to be,” Anunoby said of his status. “I’m doing contact stuff.” The rookie has already participated in some pickup games, though the team still intends to be cautious.
OG Anunoby was the final green room invite, but could be a player with a long wait to hear his name called. He's in the mix with Denver at 13 according to contacts and high on Portland's list giving him a shot at spots 15, 20 and 26. But there's a chance he falls into the second round, similar to Michigan State freshman Deyonta Davis last year. Medical reports have caused certain teams drafting in the late teens to red flag him as too big an injury risk with lingering knee concerns, following surgery.
Indiana sophomore forward OG Anunoby will miss the rest of the season, according to a statement released by the team on Friday. "It has been determined that OG Anunoby will undergo surgery on his right knee and will miss the remainder of the season. He is expected to make a complete recovery," the statement read.
The 6-foot-8 forward missed time earlier this season with a sprained ankle. He was averaging 11.1 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. Whether this ends Anunoby's Indiana career remains to be seen. He ranks No. 13 on Chad Ford's latest Big Board, although this injury will affect his pre-draft workouts. "For a young man, OG has a very strong faith and a courageous spirit," the statement added. "We are going to do everything as a basketball family to help him recover and rehabilitate from this unfortunate situation."
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September 16, 2021 | 8:59 am EDT Update

Pascal Siakam wants to stay in Toronto long-term

With the understanding that things can change — it’s a business, things can change with you, things change with the organization — as we sit here right now, do you see yourself in Toronto long term? Pascal Siakam: I do. I’m a really prideful person and I always want to be the best player that I can be, and the bubble wasn’t that. So I get it, I understand it, but also for me what really hurt me is one of those things about my dad or like, “Oh, your dad wouldn’t have been proud of this.” [Siakam’s father died in a car accident in 2014.]
Was there any irritation from you toward the Raptors that your name was surfacing so much in trade rumors? Pascal Siakam: It didn’t bother me really, because I never really heard anything from the Raptors. Even all the news I was seeing it was never like: “Oh. The Raptors wanted to give up Siakam for this.” It was always like, “The Warriors like Pascal,” or it was always, “The Kings like Pascal,” or this. There was never nothing where it was like, “The Raptors wanted to give away Pascal.”
Were you surprised that Kyle Lowry left for Miami? Pascal Siakam: I wouldn’t say I was surprised by it because obviously I could see it coming. When I was a rookie, these were the people that we look up to, right? It was Kyle. It was DeMar [DeRozan]. Kyle was like our big brother. We looked up to him and DeMar. So it was weird, obviously, to see them go. Sometimes, I’ll be thinking, “OK, Kyle is not here anymore, right?” You don’t really put it in perspective. Some of the questions obviously about what the team wants to do and things like that, they ask you. And before you felt like all those questions, I didn’t really have to answer them, because I felt like Kyle was there and now he’s not there.
How is rehab going? Pascal Siakam: I was expecting it to be worse, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I would say just, I think the first two weeks or three weeks was the worst, just because I couldn’t sleep. I have to find a position to get comfortable. I had to sleep on the couch for two weeks because I couldn’t sleep on the bed. I’m a side sleeper. So I couldn’t do that. Are you even shooting or doing anything basketball-wise? Pascal Siakam: Yes. I’m shooting, ball handling. I think at this point in the process I look better than I thought I was expecting at least or I’m doing more than I thought I would do at that time.
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Pau Gasol: “I keep thinking about my future, I don’t see myself on any team other than Barça.” On retirement: “I keep thinking about whether to continue or not. It will not be an easy decision and when I know it I will let you know. I have been a professional for 23 years and I am considering all the factors to make a decision soon and be able to communicate it. I have not made a decision 100 percent. If I look back it has been many years enjoying very interesting things.”

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AS Monaco is adding guard Mike James to their bolstered roster for the 2021-22 season, as first reported by Home of Glory and Donatas Urbonas, also confirmed by Eurohoops sources. James, 31, who recently parted ways with CSKA Moscow was on the lookout for a new team while training individually in Moscow in the meantime.