In 1999 the upstart WNBA was bleeding money as it pione…

In 1999 the upstart WNBA was bleeding money as it pioneered opportunities for women on the court and in other basketball positions. Taylor, a socially conscious entrepreneur, became owner of the Lynx expansion franchise and the team joined the Wolves in playing at Target Center. “It isn’t like I thought about it (a lot),” Taylor said. “It just seemed like the right thing to do (women’s pro basketball). “I am more concerned why more (NBA owners)…why they don’t do it. There is nothing wrong with taking some of the money you’ve made on the NBA…putting some of it back into the WNBA. It isn’t going to make anybody broke, or anything like that.”
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December 7, 2021 | 10:32 am EST Update
Yet there still remain internal concerns about Lillard’s future in Portland. The last month of investigations and the team’s poor record—now 11-14 following Monday’s night’s loss to the Clippers—combined with mixed feelings about Billups’ leadership strategy, all while Lillard has struggled with a serious abdominal injury, has left an unsettled feeling among Blazers personnel despite Lillard’s unwavering public commitment to the organization. A lot of work lies ahead.
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“Long story short, I said I don’t want to do this anymore,” Hezonja recalled. “Initially I said I’m gonna have a whole year for myself. I want to get my groove, just basically all the passion back. Because it was draining and I felt like the person it’s impossible to drain it, but of course, when a lot of BS is happening and a lot of negativity, even the biggest ones get drained. So it was unfortunate, but I went back at it. And then, the call from PAO.”