Wes Goldberg: It’s not enough to just shoot threes on…

Wes Goldberg: It’s not enough to just shoot threes on a few Youtube Clips. His percentages have never been good, he has no established mid-range game, no established three-point game, and all I’m saying is that he’s not Kevin Garnett or Chris Bosh. If that makes me Anti-James Wiseman then I guess I am Anti-James Wiseman, I’m just not as high on him as people in my Twitter Mentions seem to be. He’s not the next Rudy Gobert, he’s not the next Chris Bosh, he’s not the next Kevin Garnett. That doesn’t mean he can’t be good. He could be the next Mitchell Robinson. That’s a good player. Me personally, I think he’s closer to the next Hassan Whiteside. Now maybe he’s Hassan Whiteside that doesn’t have an attitude problem. I have no indication that [Wiseman] has an attitude problem.
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In his 2004 book, Embry describes himself hearing a slightly different story in a different setting, with Laimbeer as narrator and Embry himself as old-but-intimidating comeback-deliverer: In a different conversation with Laimbeer, he told me that after every game in the [Richfield] Coliseum, as a sign of unity, each of the Pistons would spit on my car, which they passed en route to their bus. He stepped away from me as he told the story, not quite sure how I would react, and he seemed genuinely surprised when I said, “Good for them. It probably needed to be washed anyway.” Embry also says his wife, Terri, was particularly displeased about the spitting because it was all on the passenger side. Whichever version of this story you prefer, it sure sounds like 1989 Pistons — all of them — spat on a car together.