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October 22, 2021 | 5:47 pm EDT Update
Alex English: Can’t say I am not disappointed for not being included on the 75th anniversary team after seeing the list. I felt the same after the first list of 50. I have always known that my understated style wasn’t conducive to being associated with such a flamboyant sport, especially when you start making ” the best of” lists. I know that my body of work as an @NBA player stands up to the test and would put it to test against many on the list,I am content with that. I congratulate the Players that were selected.
He watched the top-seeded Lakers cruise through the preliminary games and then dispatch Portland, Houston and Denver before facing Miami in the Finals. When the Lakers won Game 6 to clinch the franchise’s 17th championship, Bradley said, the first call he received was from Lakers vice president Rob Pelinka. “That made me feel so good, like I was part of the team,” Bradley said. “I know my teammates at that time might have been upset with me or thought that I gave up on them or whatever, but I think everyone knows my heart.”
Then, with 11 games remaining in the season, Bradley’s son, also named Avery but known in the family as Liam, developed a high fever. Bradley left the Grizzlies to return to Austin to be with his wife, Ashley, and their three kids. Liam was treated for a 104-degree fever, but, Bradley said, Liam’s temperature did not go down once they returned home. “None of the medication was working at the time,” Bradley said. By the time they returned to a 24-hour clinic, Bradley said, his son had developed pneumonia. Fluid filled his lungs. The family spent nearly two weeks in the hospital trying to get the fever down.
None of this was known publicly at the time. When Bradley opted out of the bubble, news reports said only that Bradley’s son had a history of respiratory illness. They said nothing about the weeks spent at Liam’s bedside, of the pain they felt watching their baby boy suffer, the fear that it could happen again. The coronavirus targets the lungs and causes some people to contract pneumonia. For the Bradleys, that was terrifying. “We just didn’t know anything about the virus,” Bradley said. “Of course, we were just as nervous as everyone else.”
As he drove toward the comforts of home, he didn’t yet know that he was essentially leaving his best chance at playing for a championship behind him. “I don’t regret it at all,” Bradley said. “I do wish I could have been there with the guys and had a chance to win the championship, but it’s something that we prayed about at that time. I was like, I have to put it in God’s hands and let him make the decision or I’ll always live with regret.”