What’s the new era of your life involve? Steve Franci…

What’s the new era of your life involve? Steve Francis: With all that I’ve been through in my life and the journey that I’ve made through growing up on welfare, seeing family members involved with drugs and persevering through all of those things, I’m working on telling my story through a docuseries. We’re in the beginning stages of planning it. My life, overall, has been a blessing and I think telling my story can inspire someone else. I went through a lot, but was able to persevere and go to college, become a dad and be a leader in my community in Houston. I want to show all angles of my life, and also tell the stories of the people that I encountered along the way growing up in Washington, D.C., who didn’t have the platform that I have.
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May 16, 2021 | 8:39 pm EDT Update