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Either scenario depends, of course, on how willing -- if at all -- Oklahoma City is trying to get Paul off its books. If the Thunder are desperate to get Paul out to clear money for the summer of 2021 or 2022, then maybe they'd be willing to accept less than the package described above. One executive (not with the Thunder or Knicks) speculated that the Thunder would be open to the Ntilikina/Bullock package. Another exec pointed out that the trade market for Paul would be limited. So, if OKC wanted to get out of Paul's contract, the Knicks wouldn't be competing with many other teams.
Acquiring Paul shouldn’t be complicated for the Knicks. They have enough salary-filler to get CP3 and adequate young players and future draft picks to interest the Thunder. The Knicks only need to send out $32.987,051 in salary to acquire Paul’s $41,358,814 cap hit for 2020-21. They can guarantee a combination of Taj Gibson ($9.45 million), Wayne Ellington ($8 million), Elfrid Payton ($8 million), and Reggie Bullock ($4.2 million), and package them with one or two of their young players to reach the minimum outgoing salary amount.
Paul received a warm welcome at Madison Square Garden after a report emerged Thursday that the Knicks were "gathering intel" on the 10-time All-Star. Asked after Friday's game if he's ever imagined playing for the Knicks, Paul wasn't interested in entertaining the idea. "Man, I imagine playing in Boston on Sunday," Paul said in reference to Oklahoma City's next opponent. "That’s the only thing I think about."
Chris Paul said the suggestions that he’s joining the Knicks are a diversion from the franchise’s latest embarrassing episode. While walking into Madison Square Garden before Friday’s game against New York, the Thunder guard was approached by a league employee and asked about the rumors. “They’re trying to take attention away from that Spike Lee stuff,” Paul responded as the exchange was caught on SNY.
Last spring, then-agent Leon Rose was intrigued by the notion of the Rockets offering up his client Chris Paul to the Knicks, according to a league source. A report arose last June the Knicks had turned down the Rockets’ offer of Paul and his four-year, $159 million contract. Paul was eventually traded to Oklahoma City in a superstar swap for Russell Westbrook and is having a throwback season at age 34 — capped by a terrific performance in last month’s All-Star Game that included an athletic alley-oop slam.
According to an NBA source, Paul adores Rose, and a SiriusXM report surfaced Thursday that the Knicks are doing intel on the veteran point guard. Not that they need a lot of information — Paul had been with Rose at Creative Artists Agency for much of his career.
As one NBA executive put it, “Are the Knicks going to do their plan from 2010 10 years later? They get Chris, Melo and maybe Amar’e will come out of retirement.’’ Another team personnel man doesn’t see it as crazy. “The East is up for grabs,’’ he said. “If you make a few good changes … [Chris] has been pretty amazing, off the charts what he’s done to get the team winning, taking the leadership of a new team. He’s still burning to win a championship.”
This summer Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul will both become free agents – and New York can create enough cap space to sign one of them - but the Knicks’ predicament has turned Anthony’s longstanding dream into the pipe variety. Unless he leaves New York. “I don’t know where that would be able to happen. It’s always a dream,” he said. “They’re all in the same boat I’m in. It’s hard to think about something else when Chris is going through his surgery and (Wade) is going through what they’re going through in Chicago. I think it’s hard to start thinking about that at this point right now. I think everybody just needs a break, everybody is waiting for the break to decompress and re-evaluate.”
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October 28, 2020 | 1:45 am EDT Update
Could Gordon Hayward be planning on a similar move this offseason? That’s the buzz according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, who discussed Hayward’s future on the latest episode of The Lowe Post podcast. “There’s some buzz out there. And I can’t figure out what the buzz means,” Lowe said of Hayward’s potential free agency. “The buzz that I’m hearing is like the smoke, the smoke indicating that something is happening. I’m not sure what’s up, but I don’t think it’s a lock that Gordon Hayward is on the Celtics next year.”
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And yet, rumors are swirling from multiple plugged-in NBA people that, even without fully knowing how much money there will be to spend, some NBA teams are already coming to deals with free agents. From Brian Windhorst and Bobby Marks of ESPN, via NBA Sports: Windhorst: I have already heard of a deal that’s been agreed to. Who knows whether it’s true or not? Marks: I had one agent – because I was talking about his free agent and salary projections, right? And he said, “Hey, you’re really low. I’ve already got two offers from two different teams.”
As a result, Gordon’s intent is to keep plugging away. In a new appearance on The Ashley Nevel Show, the 31-year-old explained why he isn’t expecting any major changes this offseason. Among his comments: We’ve always been a team that’s had high expectations. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen it for the last four years. You can’t forget, every team that we lost to, they ended up winning the championship.
For us, we definitely need to find ways to get over that hump. The chemistry could be better. … For us, we made a lot of change last year. We went small ball halfway through the season. … In the playoffs, it’s all about matchups. We’ve just got to be able to rally around the same group of guys, and build on more chemistry, and try to get better. Try to utilize everybody to play at their best. I think that’s going to make us better, in the long haul. I don’t think they’re going to rebuild this team. This team is good. I don’t care what a lot of people say, it doesn’t matter. Injuries and whatnot, we’ve seen it all here. We still win 50+ games, and we’re still going to be right there in the playoffs.
Lucas, thinking about the T-Mobile Center and fan support and even the Chiefs’ recent ascent, was all in. First, he sent out a tweet, sparking excitement. Then, days later, Lucas’ phone started to buzz once more. This time, folks were leading Lucas to a tweet that had been sent out by Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The reigning Super Bowl MVP similarly was vying for the Raptors to call Kansas City their temporary home. “It got some traction,” Lucas said. “It’s Patrick Mahomes.” Lucas grew enthralled with the idea, asking himself this question: “What do we have to do to make sure our ducks are in a row?” He called officials at the Kansas City Sports Commission. He called Missouri and Kansas delegations, both Republicans and Democrats, and gauged their responses — and it was all positive.
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Tuesday, conversations continued and grew into a written letter signed by U.S. Sens. Roy Blunt, Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran as well as U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II. Not only did they send the letter to Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, but also it was directed toward Raptors ownership in hopes their effort, interest and potential were clear. “Here’s the thing: You don’t miss out on opportunities like this,” Lucas said. “You jump when you can.”
Behind Lucas’ efforts, it seemed, was the entire city’s population, as fans gushed about the possibility on social media platforms and local sports radio talk shows. Several members of the Chiefs, using their Twitter accounts, expressed enthusiasm for the idea of the Raptors being the city’s newest sports ambassadors. Chiefs veteran guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, a Canadian who grew up in Montreal, voiced his support of the Raptors relocating for the upcoming season to Kansas City, a place he says “feels like home.”