Cannady asked Irving for advice after that game in whic…

Cannady asked Irving for advice after that game in which he gave up five straight baskets to him. “Look man, I’m trying to stop you and I can’t,” Cannady told him. “How is it that you have the ball so loose on a string and tight at the same time? How can I have more mobility with my dribble so it’s not so tight? As a shooter, how can I use my dribble to set me up?” Irving walked Cannady through how he’s worked on his legendary handles and gave Cannady a number of drills to do, ones that Irving regularly does himself. Cannady has done those daily since.
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May 8, 2021 | 4:25 am EDT Update

Many Raptors counting the days to leave Tampa Bay

Not having the support or revenue of sell-out crowds at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto surely made that decision easier. To little surprise, there are players on the team and people within the organization who have been counting down the days until they can pack their bags, take their families and get out of Tampa on the morning of May 17, per sources. It’s hard to blame them, all things considered.
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