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Doug Gottlieb: Why does Maria Taylor have a vote? Real question. She is a studio host/sideline reporter in her first year covering the NBA. She works a ton, not just on the league. No reason for her to have a vote https://twitter.com/hmfaigen/status/1307374145135546368
Donovan Mitchell: Because she knows what she talking about ... and worked hard to get where she at... and hooped.... y’all really gotta stop trying @MariaTaylor its corny!
Baron Davis: We have to find another way of voting for These Awards. Everyone who won deserved it. The media and writers whoever else We realize that 10% of the voters actually played basketball.
Jorge Sierra: Some media votes suck, but you may want to think twice before giving more power to players when it comes to selecting award winners. Two beauties from the players vote for the All-Star: * Will Barton ahead of Chris Paul. * Carmelo Anthony four spots ahead of Rudy Gobert.
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