3. Charlotte Hornets. Anthony Edwards | 6-5 guard | 19 …

3. Charlotte Hornets. Anthony Edwards | 6-5 guard | 19 years old, freshman | Georgia. The name Dion Waiters does come up with some executives who are lower on him, wondering why Edwards is so willing to settle for jumpers instead of using his athleticism to bully his way to the rim. I don’t think those are inaccurate sentiments, which is why I have Edwards at No. 3 on my board. Having said that, the reason I still have him as high as No. 3 is that the athletic tools, and the ability to get to his jump shot, and the potential to be an elite creator going toward the rim is special. He’s an elite-level NBA athlete who can get his own shot at any time, and that’s the most important skill any NBA player can have in today’s league from the 2.
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