Bismack Biyombo: Rest easy my brother, I’ve been goin…

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Minnesota Timberwolves: A statement from @GerssonRosas :
Mario Chalmers: Man 2020 is for the birds man.....outside of my family “BJ” was one of the first folks to believe in me and push me to actually wanna make it to the NBA.....we use to joke all the time. Use to call him Robert Townsend lol....this was my guy...RIP B.J. ur legacy and spirit we will carry on....u will b missed 😢😢😢
Garrett Temple: Thoughts and prayers going out to the Johnson family. BJ was the nicest most engaging person I’ve ever come across in this league. His personality filled a room. He changed my life by giving a skinny kid from LSU a shot when no one else would. Thank you BJ, R.I.P King!!!!!
Matt Babcock: I’m extremely saddened to hear about the passing of longtime Houston Rockets scout B.J. Johnson. I had known him since I was in high school. He was a good man and friend. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, B.J.
Bobby Marks: In NJ, we worked extensively with the Rockets on putting together these 36 player draft workouts for all 30-teams. BJ Johnson was part of that Houston contingent. He made you laugh, put a smile on your face when there was some adversity and ultimately was just a great man. RIP
Longtime Rockets personnel scout Brent “B.J.” Johnson, a well-known and popular fixture throughout basketball, died Thursday evening following a bicycle accident in Houston. Johnson was 65. “He was riding his bike and hit a culvert,” Johnson’s wife Claudette said. “There was construction. They are thinking he fell forward and broke his neck because there was no blood.”
Jamal Crawford: Nooooooo not BJ Johnson. When I was an unproven rookie, he helped give me a lot of confidence that I had a bright future, even when I didn't see it.. I wasn't even on his team. He always had some words of encouragement, or just kept it real with me. Prayers to his family
Trae Young: Wow. My heart hurts. R.I.P BJ Johnson.😞
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September 28, 2021 | 10:50 am EDT Update

Ben Simmons not interested in playing with Joel Embiid anymore

Yet of all the problem areas to explore, there’s none more unyielding and impossible to ignore than this: People who have intimate knowledge of how he sees this situation continue to insist that he’s done playing with Embiid. There’s nothing personal about this choice, it seems, but the 25-year-old Simmons has clearly decided that his career is better off without Embiid blocking the runways in the paint that he so badly needs to succeed.
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“I watched last night a player lead their team to victory where a thousand pounds of digital ink were spilled on how much he would never play for that team again,” Morey had said of the Green Bay Packers star who led a last-second win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night after looking destined for a divorce with the franchise just months ago. “Look, every situation is different, but we have a lot of optimism that we can make it work here. …Ben’s a great player, and we expect him back. We expect him to be a 76er.” Cue the response. “It’s total bullshit,” one source with knowledge of Simmons’ outlook said of Morey’s analysis.
Truth be told, sources say Simmons thought he would have been traded by now. When he met with the Sixers brass at the Los Angeles home of his agent, Rich Paul, in August, telling managing partner Josh Harris in direct fashion that he no longer wanted to play for his club, the goal was to avoid this sort of mess. Sources say the Sixers had come equipped with all sorts of reasons that he should want to stay, and even supported the argument with a statistically based presentation featuring the success of the Embiid-Simmons pairing. But his view, his uneasy feelings about the problematic fit remained unchanged.
Early on last season, when the intel coming the Philadelphia 76ers guard’s way indicated that he’d likely be trading places with then Rockets-star James Harden, Simmons was so convinced that new Sixers president Daryl Morey was about to reunite with his favorite franchise player that he started researching on the real estate front. If you had to pinpoint a moment when emotional ties were severed between Simmons and the only NBA franchise he has ever known, that may have been it.
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Kevin Porter Jr.’s presence in Houston is much more than basketball “This organization saved my life potentially.” The room stood still for a moment when Porter spoke about the importance of the Houston Rockets to his personal life. So often when we talk about trades, we look at how Player X can impact a new team. But we rarely look at the other side of the game, the mental side. Porter’s past is well-documented, and he spoke about his tough upbringing. In Cleveland, he didn’t truly feel like it was the right place for him or his growth. Being traded to the Rockets was “a breath of fresh air.”