His combination of size, skill and athleticism seems to…

His combination of size, skill and athleticism seems to make it a high-percentage bet he is a functional NBA center if he is coachable. But … is he coachable? Does he have a motor? Will the skill that looks good on workout videos look as good against live NBA defense? With his lack of experience in actual games, how will he handle the read-and-react heavy system of the Warriors? We’ll get to Ball eventually. I know a couple of people in the organization think he is super talented. But let’s wait on word from his workout.
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December 3, 2020 | 12:12 am EST Update

Washington Westbrook's preferred destination

Michael Lee: Someone close to Russell Westbrook told me DC was his preferred destination. Russ was intrigued about playing with Bradley Beal & excited to reunite with Scott Brooks. I can’t remember a guy coming off an All-NBA season who preferred to play for the Wizards, so there’s that…
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Initial trade talks stalled over draft capital and the possibility of other players included in a deal — for instance, young big man Thomas Bryant —before both teams could come to terms on an agreement. In the end, it was a simple Westbrook-for-Wall swap with the addition of a heavily protected first-round pick. Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard declared a week ago that the Wizards had no plans on trading Wall and the Rockets were prepared to enter camp with Westbrook, but situations in the NBA are always fluid and can change on a dime — a phone call is all it takes.
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