Dallas Mavericks main man in Luka Doncic instantaneousl…

Dallas Mavericks main man in Luka Doncic instantaneously took over the league when he first came over back in 2018. His impressive showing as a Mavs newcomer playing against tenured players eventually earned praise from a longtime veteran in Jamal Crawford. In a video interview with SeeHendo on YouTube: “Special. Unbelievable. Even some of the great players, the feel he has for the game is uncanny. It’s a feel thing. It’s not something you can actually teach. You can teach how to play the game, what it is supposed to look like, things you’re supposed to do on the court, but his feel you can’t teach. That’s what makes him special. He is one of my favorites to watch.”
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November 25, 2020 | 2:00 pm EST Update