“It’s a mind thing. They say sports is ninety perce…

“It’s a mind thing. They say sports is ninety percent mental, ten percent physical – whatever percentage you want to give it but it’s more mental than physical – so my mind is still there in terms of how I was playing,” Isaac recently told reporters. “My body just has to catch up now with this recent injury. I’ll get better. I’ll get back on the court. I’ll be expecting and knowing that I’m going to play better than I did when I left because my mind is continuing to get better off of it. That’s what it’s been my entire career so far. I have been out for quite a bit of time battling these injuries but every time I’ve come back, I’ve come back better. Not just because my body has gotten better, but because my mind is in a better place.”
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September 27, 2021 | 11:54 am EDT Update