They noted his loyalty in his decision to stay at Aubur…

They noted his loyalty in his decision to stay at Auburn and work out with his coaches and former teammates. And they liked the 19-year-old’s maturity and demeanor when he greeted Cleveland’s entourage and thanked them for coming to campus. When he impressed in his workout and during their dinner together, they were pretty much sold. “I think we were tremendously fortunate that we got the right fit in terms of player and the best talent on the board, as well,” GM Koby Altman said Wednesday after the Cavs took Okoro with the fifth overall pick in the draft. “And that’s hard to do. Because you’re always sort of weighing the right fit versus who’s the best available talent. Isaac was both.”
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September 25, 2021 | 12:12 pm EDT Update

Wizards would like to add a center

But Len and Lopez are gone, leaving Unseld with new arrival Montrezl Harrell, from the Lakers, and slightly-less-new arrival Gafford, who joined the Wizards from the Chicago Bulls at the trade deadline last season and made an immediate impact with his energy, athleticism and ability to slam lobs. Sheppard told The Washington Post in an interview this week that the Wizards would like to add a third center to shore up the spot with Bryant not expected back until winter, but for now, Gafford is Washington’s starter.
The Heat are among the least flexible teams in the league in terms of being able to make in-season moves. After rehauling their roster to sign Lowry and Tucker, extending Butler and signing many players to minimum contracts, they only have three players on the roster that can currently be traded. Theirtrade flexibility will open up in December and January once free agents that were signed become eligible to be traded, but they severely lack tradeable salaries. After their starters, most of whom seem very likely not to be moved, their next highest salary is Tyler Herro at $4.0 million. His salary combined with several of their minimum players will heavily limit the type of return they can get in a trade. They are also just $6.6 million below the hard cap, which is another factor that could hold them back from adding significant money to the payroll.