Magic Johnson: I’m so happy that the @Los Angeles Lak…

Magic Johnson: I’m so happy that the @Los Angeles Lakers resigned Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a 3-year deal because he earned it. He played such an important role and played great on both ends of the court for the Lakers during the Finals.

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LeBron James: YESSIR @CaldwellPope !!!! Congrats my brother
Shams Charania: Third year for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and the Lakers contains a partial guarantee, sources say. The deal gives him a $15M average salary over next two seasons and $68M guaranteed over five years -- and last year's championship ring soon.
Brad Turner: Sources: The New York Knicks have interest in free agent guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Lakers also have interest. For KCP, he wants the right deal at the right price.
Dave McMenamin agreed Caldwell-Pope remaining with the Lakers is a possibility, but he also raised the point of his contract instead being used to trade for DeMar DeRozan: “I certainly don’t think this means he has one foot out the door, but it does mean he’s earned a better salary than what he was making. $8.5 million, obviously in the real world that’s a great salary, but as a high-level NBA starter who was basically the Lakers’ third-best player throughout their playoff run, he should be looking at a salary in the $12 to $14 or $15 million range. The Lakers, because they have his bird rights, can offer that to him. Or he can be an attractive sign and trade piece. Things might not be completely dead in terms of their interest in a guy like DeMar DeRozan.”
Shams Charania: Lakers starter Kentavious Caldwell-Pope will decline his 2020-21 player option and enter free agency, sources tell @The Athletic @Stadium. He’s expected to have several suitors at start of free agency — and teams are under impression he’s open to offers.
“It has to be the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. And it’s more about getting their house in order,” Marks said on SportsCenter when asked what teams will be the most active in NBA free agency. “What I mean is you’ve the contract of Anthony Davis to work out. You’ve three free agents with players options particularly Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Rajon Rondo. And I think what the Lakers are going to have to do is make a decision between players like Rondo and Markieff Morris versus going out and using their mid-level exception.”
Caldwell-Pope’s most likely end game is a return to the Lakers, but one other option to think about is Atlanta. The Hawks have oodles of cap room and need 3-and-D wings desperately, and Caldwell-Pope is a Georgia native.
Eric Pincus: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's contract is for $19 million with the Lakers but the cap hit is $16.6 mil based on unlikely incentives (ie the Miami Maneuver I had written on) - I don't have the incentive detail yet - also has a 15% trade bonus
Bobby Marks: The Lakers cap space is now down to a projected $11.5M after the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope two-year $16M contract. LAL still has the $4.8M room ML available once room is extinguished.
That means the Warriors will need one of three things to happen. First, they can hope for a repeat of the scenario that played out last summer with Cousins: A free agent doesn’t receive the offers he expects to land and decides that he’d rather take less money to play one season in Golden State before reentering the market the following summer. Sources mentioned Reggie Bullock and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as players who could potentially find themselves in that situation.
He’s been employed by the Lakers for the last two years, playing on one-year contracts and making $12 million this season, but his future uncertain. There are 29 other clubs in the NBA and Caldwell-Pope is showcasing his skills for them, too. “Man, I’m just out there playing,” Caldwell-Pope said Sunday night. “Yes, I’ll be looking for a job for next season, but my job right now is to play my best basketball for the Lakers and then we’ll see where things stand.”
“I wish I was playing like this at the start of the season,” Caldwell-Pope said. “But now, we just want to finish strong and just go out there and play free and just have fun.”
Chris Haynes: Free agent guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope plans to meet with the Los Angeles Clippers on July 1, league sources tell ESPN. ESPN Source: This meeting now scheduled for July 2nd.
As the Knicks plot out their future during this downtrending season, a particular mold of player remains a priority for the front office, according to sources: an athletic wing. One of that ilk who has piqued New York’s interest is Lakers forward Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who will be an unrestricted free agent in the summer. Caldwell-Pope certainly fits the ideal at just 24 years old with potential as an elite perimeter defender. He does carry some baggage, however, after serving a jail sentence this season for violating probation.
Caldwell-Pope is now on the Los Angeles Lakers, where he signed a one-year, $17.7 million deal. It feels like an uncomfortable stasis for a player in his fifth season, enduring his second contract year in a row. But the 24-year-old has yet to test the shortcomings of his game for the sake of his own individual growth or production, at the cost of his team's success. Instead, he's solely focused on finding ways to move L.A.'s needle in a positive way. His teammates respect that, understand how important he is, and recognize the partnership could end sooner than anyone wants it to. "If I put myself in his shoes, it’d just be tough to embrace everybody and kind of get into the whole team aspect knowing that next summer is another free agent year," Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr. told VICE Sports. "But he’s done a terrific job of being selfless and looking out for others."
“When we made this deal, me and my agent, we discussed it multiple times,” Caldwell-Pope told VICE Sports. “We knew the risk we were taking. Nine times out of 10 I’d like to bet on myself. That’s what we did. It’s a one-year deal, and so far this season it’s been going well.” This is far from basketball purgatory, but it’s also not an obvious home. Caldwell-Pope doesn’t have a lot of time to fit in; for reasons we'll get into later on, it’s more likely than not he’ll be in a different city next season. “There’s no benefit [to a one-year deal]. I’m up again next year,” he said. “I could be here, or be wherever I land.”
The Lakers signed Caldwell-Pope to a one-year deal worth about $18 million last week, hoping that his experience, defensive prowess and offensive skill will elevate their roster. “There was a time when the Israelites were wandering the desert and all of a sudden bread came down from heaven,” general manager Rob Pelinka said. “That’s kind of what today feels like for us to have KCP join.
His agent, Rich Paul, then called the Lakers. He knew they had been saving salary cap space for a one-year deal, he knew they needed a shooting guard and he knew they could be a good fit for his client. “Rich had called us with a possibility he would consider us for a one-year deal,” Johnson said. “Rob and I really started watching film and we were just blown away. ... I wanted somebody mean and tough that we could count on to get that big stop for us.”
Ohm Youngmisuk: Magic Johnson said his father would talk often about how he needed to watch Kentavious Caldwell-Pope more often. Magic says KCP was his father's favorite Piston. Magic not only loves his defense but that "he's mean. And we need someone mean... we got a steal. We never thought we would have an opportunity (to get him). We are happy. And my dad's happy."
Mark Medina: Lakers sign Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Lakers will have his introductory press conference on Tuesday at 1 pm at the Lakers practice facility
The Lakers agreed to a one-year, $18 million deal with free-agent guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope after meeting with him on Tuesday, according to league sources familiar with the situation. The Lakers see the deal satisfying their specific free-agent priorities. Though Caldwell-Pope has averaged 11.7 points on 40.5 percent from the field through four years with the Detroit Pistons before making him an unrestricted free agent, the Lakers liked Caldwell-Pope’s emergence as a shooter after making 35 percent of his 3-point shots last season. The Lakers like his defense and team-first mentality. By holding firm on only offering one-year deals, the Lakers can maximize purchasing power next summer to pursue possible marquee free agents, including Paul George, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook.
Several teams who were previously hesitant to pursue Caldwell-Pope have gotten engaged with him after the Pistons removed the threat of matching, sources said. Other teams in talks with Caldwell-Pope that have some cap space have been looking to create more, sources said.
Tania Ganguli: Can confirm the Lakers met with Rajon Rondo and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope today. Still have about $17M to give someone on a 1-year deal.
Manny Vieites: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope met with the Lakers today, per source. Lakers seem to be the only team with cap room to pay KCP what he wants.
Brian Windhorst: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope met with Lakers today, sources said. Several teams have expressed interest since he became unrestricted.
Caldwell-Pope rejected the Pistons’ five-year, $80 million offer, according to Sports Illustrated, and was believed to have been asking for close to the maximum, according to a source. The Pistons responded by trading for Celtics shooting guard Avery Bradley on Friday morning and renouncing Caldwell-Pope.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Message is clear to Brooklyn now: Washington's matching Porter's $106M offer sheet, and Nets soon back on market with space to pursue KCP.
Jake Fischer: Pistons' highest offer to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was 5 years, $80 million, per source. Salary "wasn't even close" to what KCP is seeking.
The Detroit Pistons are renouncing the rights to restricted free-agent guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, turning him into the marketplace's No. 1 unrestricted free agent, league sources told ESPN.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Detroit is renouncing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, league source tells ESPN.
Vincent Ellis: And source also confirms to Free Press: #Pistons are prepared to move on from KCP. Roster is at 12 and looking to add two more guys.
Tim Bontemps: Trading Avery Bradley to Detroit means two things: max space for Gordon Hayward & KCP almost certainly won't be back with the Pistons.
The Pistons already were over the salary cap and with the Galloway move, possibly made it more difficult to get Caldwell-Pope. “The issue is that KCP’s maximum salary is $24.8 million, so if he got an offer sheet somewhere else for the maximum and Brooklyn — once Otto Porter gets the max — seems like the only reasonable option to do that,” NBA cap expert Nate Duncan told The Detroit News. “If that happens, (the Pistons) — as it stands right now — could not match and could not go over that apron for any reason at any time during the season, once they sign Langston Galloway.”
Monroe and agent, David Falk, were trying to create an avenue for a sign-and-trade. Van Gundy said that’s not the case with Caldwell-Pope and his representatives. “It’s been a whole different process with (agents) Rich Paul and Mark Termini than it was with David Falk,” Van Gundy said after the Pistons’ summer league victory over the Charlotte Hornets. “It’s been a different thing in what went on. David was really more than trying to go out and get an offer in Greg’s case. “They were really trying to push us to make a trade and the whole thing. That’s not been the process at all here, so it’s been a totally different thing. Not saying one’s better than the other, it’s just two totally different things.”
Another potential target is Detroit restricted free agent Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. A source said the Pistons likely would match any offer for the 6-foot-5 shooting guard. But having given Langston Galloway three years and $21 million and spent a first-round pick on Luke Kennard, it would be a tough choice.
The Nets likely would be willing to offer Otto Porter a four-year, $106 million maximum deal, starting at $24.75 million. TNT confirmed max offers are out there for Porter, and that he will take more visits over the weekend. The move for Redick eliminates the 76ers, one of the few suitors who could afford Porter or Caldwell-Pope.
Vincent Ellis: Know #Pistons would prefer to lock down KCP quickly, but told once again that hard to see scenario where they would not match any offer.
Rod Beard: #Pistons SVG says keeping Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a priority in free agency; they've extended a qualifying offer already (about $5M).
The Pistons are prepared to match any offer sheet he receives, even if it produced a maximum contract, according to multiple persons with firsthand knowledge of the franchise’s thinking. One person told the Free Press: “We can’t lose him.” It’s fair to question this path. Caldwell-Pope improved in his fourth season with the Pistons, but his performance fell off after the All-Star break. His growth has been tremendous since his rookie season, and there’s confidence he will reach his ceiling.
“We think KCP is a very, very good young player who has been an important part of our core. He’s 24 years old and still on the upside. Through the All-Star break, he had made some significant gains in the way he played,” Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said Friday, in the season-ending press conference at The Palace. “He’s a guy we really like and we look forward to his continued development.”
No court date has been set for Caldwell-Pope, but it's likely his off-the-court matters are handled over the summer. He becomes a restricted free agent at season's end and is expected to command a contract that would pay him in the neighborhood of $20 million a season.
Rod Beard‏: #Pistons SVG on keeping Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who will be a restricted free agent and could get some huge.. "We only don't have (KCP) next year if we decide we don't want him next year. There's no team out there that can decide they're going to have KCP next year — it's on us. "It will be our decision this summer whether he's in Detroit next year. Other people can want him but they need us to acquiesce if they're going to have him."
With up to $33 million to spend — and seemingly as many holes to fill on the roster — the Nets will be looking to strike it big in free agency this summer. And Tuesday they got an up-close look at one of their top targets: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Both scouts and former teammates told The Post that Caldwell-Pope, who had 19 points and four rebounds in a 98-96 loss to the Nets Tuesday, has become the most important piece on a Pistons roster that features All-Star Andre Drummond, and young standouts Reggie Jackson and Tobias Harris. That’s why Brooklyn is expected to make the two-way wing a top priority this summer.
“Whenever you can make a leap like that, it shows — especially when you have an All-Star talent like Drummond and Reggie, who last year was putting up numbers that were just shy of being an All-Star.. … So when you have two talents like that, along with what Tobias and Marcus [Morris] are able to do, and then you’re arguably the best player for your team, that speaks for itself.”
During a brief interview with reporters Sunday, Pistons owner Tom Gores expressed a strong desire to retain the 23-year-old shooting guard. Even if means signing Caldwell-Pope to a maximum-level contract. "I know Kentavious well," Gores said. "He is a hard worker, he is reliable and he is improving everyday. He should be a Piston. That's just bottom line: he has what it takes to be a Piston."
Brian Young: Why resign KCP? I don't understand the love he's very average. - Keith Langlois: Let's say you're right. Average starters getting north of $15 million a year. Check out deals for Turner, Crabbe, Biyombo, Mahinmi, et al. - John: I would try to avoid a Crabbe comparison. - Keith Langlois: Reality: Crabbe got $72M over 4. Comp is relevant because his agents will use it to make compelling case KCP deserves (considerably) more.
Market value and a rising salary cap in 2017-18 could mean Caldwell-Pope, 23, could command around $20 million a season. Re-signing him — and the Pistons have said they want to — would push them into the luxury tax, a play team owner Tom Gores has said he's willing to make. "I don't look at it as a necessity, but we would like to get something done," Van Gundy said. "We like both guys; we'd like to have them around long-term. But it has to be something obviously that works for both sides. At this point, we don't have that."
With roughly 24 hours remaining before the deadline for contract extensions for swingmen Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Reggie Bullock, Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy told the Free Press this morning “it’s hard to be optimistic.” Caldwell-Pope and Bullock would become restricted free agents next off-season if they don’t sign agreements by 5 p.m. Monday. “We don’t have anything yet,” Van Gundy said. “We still would like to, but it’s not the end of the world. On those things, it’s gotta be something that both sides feel good about.”
The Pistons’ payroll is growing and owner Tom Gores will likely face a luxury tax bill for being over the league’s tax line next year. Gores has said he wants the Pistons to retain Caldwell-Pope, the team’s best perimeter defender, and has indicated he will willingly pay the tax.
The Pistons are going to be over the cap $104 million cap for 2017-18 but a significant Caldwell-Pope raise would have the Pistons threatening the luxury tax line and its expensive penalties. If no deal is reached by late October, Caldwell-Pope becomes a restricted free agent next off-season.
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