Olgun Uluc: An interesting development: Brisbane Bullet…

Olgun Uluc: An interesting development: Brisbane Bullets big-man, Tyrell Harrison, has been classified by the NBPA as eligible for the 2021 NBA Draft, his agent tells ESPN. The Kiwi is 21 years old, a legit 7-foot, and should get a minutes bump with Magnay gone. An intriguing, raw prospect.
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January 23, 2021 | 6:16 am EST Update
“We’ll try to play 10 guys at least, share the minutes around,” coach Steve Nash said. “Obviously, like I said before last game, it’s hard to contain [minutes] sometimes when you’re in close games. But we’ll do our best, and also try to lean on developing a second unit. “There’s a couple positives to trying to play more guys, go deeper in the rotation, limit or share or spread around the minutes of our big three; Kyrie [Irving] and James. We’ll try to be as cautious as possible. But you know my take on that. Whenever you’re trying to be cautious, it always ends up being impossible.”