Tim MacMahon: Jazz executive VP Dennis Lindsey on exten…

Tim MacMahon: Jazz executive VP Dennis Lindsey on extension discussions with Rudy Gobert: “We don’t comment on past, present or future negotiations, but we love Rudy. We want Rudy to be here for the rest of his career.”

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Tim Bontemps: What happens with Rudy Gobert in Utah. It has been a good offseason for the Jazz, between reaching a deal with Jordan Clarkson, bringing back old friend Derrick Favors and securing Donovan Mitchell with a max contract extension. But with Gobert one year from unrestricted free agency, the final piece of Utah's offseason will be trying to get Gobert signed to a contract extension to keep him with the franchise long-term. If they can't reach an agreement, Gobert will become an intriguing trade target.
Christopher Hine: The league just released its All-NBA teams. Karl-Anthony Towns DID NOT make it. Rudy Gobert beat him out for the third team. His 5-year extension will be worth around $158 million instead of $190 million.
Jazz coach Quin Snyder said he feels a bond with Gobert, who rose to prominence in the NBA midway through Snyder’s first season coaching in Utah. It was Snyder who phoned Gobert to let him know the Jazz and his agent were in the process of finalizing the deal. "It was a pretty special moment," the coach said.
Rudy Gobert: 4 more years! Love the organization, the fans and of course living in Utah! I'm very excited about the team we are building and truly believe that we will accomplish great things in the near future. #takenote

Trevor Booker: Congrats to the homie @Rudy Gobert on the extension. Too bad money can't keep you from getting dunked on when we play.
Center Rudy Gobert and the Utah Jazz agreed on Monday to a four-year contract extension worth $102 million, according to league sources. The deal, on course to be finalized in advance of Monday's 11:59 p.m. ET deadline, will fall just shy of the projected max of $106 million. "It will be done today," said one source close to the talks.
Gobert had told the Salt Lake Tribune this month that he was prepared to wait until restricted free agency in July, if necessary, but sources say Utah was motivated to get a deal done before the extension window closed for 2013 first-round picks to ensure that its defensive anchor stayed off the open market next summer.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Gobert's four-year deal will land in the $101-102M range, league sources tell @The Vertical.
Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey on Rudy Gobert's contract situation: "We'll get something done now or later. We obviously don't comment on negotiations. There are times when you get a deal that works for both sides. There are times when it's best to go into restricted free agency. Luckily, we have great trust with Rudy and his agents. Now or later, I think we're fundamentally in a good place."
Most league insiders agree that Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert remains the most likely candidate, of the 2013 first-rounders still on the board, to land an extension by month's end. The French Rejection -- or Stifle Tower, if you insist -- is one of the foremost draft steals of recent vintage, ranks as a leading NBA Defensive Player of the Year favorite and stands as a key figure in Utah's rise in the West. Rest assured, Jazz officials are well aware that securing the long-term futures of Gobert and Derrick Favors can only enhance their chances of avoiding the nightmare scenario of seeing free agent-to-be Gordon Hayward leave in the summer.
Jazz officials have stayed quiet on talks between the two sides, with about five weeks until the Oct. 31 deadline to finalize a deal. If no agreement can be reached by then, Gobert would become a restricted free agent in July and thus eligible to sign an offer sheet with another team.
The Jazz, of course, would then have the chance to match to keep Gobert in Salt Lake, which appears to be the Frenchman's preference. "Everybody knows I want to be here," he said.
French agent Bouna Ndiaye, who helped Nicolas Batum sign a $120 million contract and Evan Fournier a $85 million contract, is in Salt Lake City to begin negotiations with the Utah Jazz hoping to do better with Rudy Gobert.
As reported by French newspaper L'Equipe, Rudy Gobert's agent, Bouna NDiaye, is in Salt Lake City to begin contract extension talks with the Utah Jazz. Gobert is eligible for a contract extension this summer and may see a huge raise in his salay. A max deal for Gobert would be around $143 million.
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