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The news of Facu Campazzo’s move to the NBA only confirms that the growing bond between European teams and the NBA can significantly bolster the first financially, especially in such times of crisis. Campazzo’s $6M buy-out clause adds up to a total of $13M earnings for Real Madrid in the past six years, as they bid farewell to multiple players who took the leap to the NBA.

Facundo Campazzo has a deal with Denver for a two-year deal which is expected to be one of most lucrative ever for an undrafted player. His salary will have to cover a record buyout of $6 million that Real Madrid will get in order to release him.
The Nuggets can pay directly to Real Madrid only $725.000 and the rest of the buyout will practically come out of Campazzo’s own pockets. There’s already a deal in place which will give the Argentinian player the ability to pay in installments, as the Spanish club has agreed to facilitate his move to the NBA.
Jorge Sierra: Argentinian guard Facundo Campazzo is indeed headed to Denver, HoopsHype has learned. The Real Madrid star, who's signing a two-year deal, will become the shortest NBA player ever with no college basketball experience.
Darren Wolfson: Reiterating what I said on an earlier July podcast about #Timberwolves interest in Campazzo: He's always going to be on their radar as long as Pablo is on staff. But let's see where they land in Draft first, & if going PG there makes sense. Still is early on any potential move.
An NBA source tells DBcom that Dallas' interest level in Facundo Campazzo is "low to moderate'' - and we're quick to point out that under GM Donnie Nelson, the Mavs are always in contact with foreign prospects.
You’ve said several times that you were obsessed with the NBA in the past. Why did you use to think like that? Facundo Campazzo: It was kind of an obsession for me until some years ago. Right now, I’m very calm about it. It was a teenage dream that one has, growing up and watching the NBA. Players like Jason Kidd and Steve Nash could make you fall in love with basketball whenever you turned on the television. At the age of 10-12, I used to say that it would be like a fantasy dream for me to play there. Now, I feel very calm with my presence in Madrid. If it comes, let it come. If not, I’ll try to become the best version of myself.
Campazzo, 28, has established himself as the starting point guard of Real Madrid in the last two years, following his return from a loan to UCAM Murcia. In an interview with Eurohoops prior to the EuroLeague Final Four, he said that he used to be “obsessed” with making an NBA team but he feels more relaxed about making it to the league now.
Real Madrid fans are sure delighted because you are living the best moment of your career but, at the same time, they should be worried because many NBA scouts will be waiting for you… Facundo Campazzo: Maybe in previous years I was obsessed with the NBA or I was pressing myself… I was really obsessed. But now I am in a more relaxed, in a calmer stage and that’s why I renewed my contract for three years here
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