Facundo Campazzo: But at one point I figured I may be N…

Facundo Campazzo: But at one point I figured I may be NBA material and had a pretty decent shot at it. I heard there was interest and when I realized 3-4 months ago that interest was going to materialize into actual offers this year, I decided to really try my best to make it here. It was a family decision that we were not going to pass on this opportunity. I didn’t want to look back on my career down the road and have regrets about not pursuing a contract in the States. This was it.
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September 24, 2021 | 3:01 pm EDT Update
The emergence earlier this month of Rosas’ consensual romantic relationship with a female team staff member, after Rosas’ tense dealings with eventual successor Sachin Gupta over a Houston offer to Gupta that he was prevented from accepting, gave Taylor the needed justifications to make the change now. Photographic evidence of Rosas in a romantic clinch with his co-worker was widely circulated across the league on Wednesday after his dismissal and promptly usurped even the Simmons situation as the No. 1 topic on the NBA grapevine.
Storyline: Timberwolves Front Office
Example: During the Las Vegas summer league, word circulated that Lore and Rodriguez would have loved to have made a run at Toronto’s Masai Ujiri to lead Minnesota’s front office. Ujiri recently signed a lucrative contract extension to stay with the Raptors — and the Wolves realistically had no shot at him — but the whispered interest only reinforces the notion that Lore and Rodriguez want to make splashy hires.