Kenny Anderson’s recollections of his three appearanc…

Kenny Anderson’s recollections of his three appearances in the Beach Ball Classic in the late 1980s are less vivid since a stroke two years ago impacted his memory. But those who saw him play at Socastee High School, where the tournament was held those days, certainly remember the performances he put on. Anderson is regarded by many who have watched or been affiliated with the tournament for most or all of its 40 years as the best player ever at the Beach Ball.

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Anderson said the stroke has caused his memory to be “scattered, but that’s the only [lasting] thing, God bless,” he said. “I have an appointment once a month to check and everything has been good. The people at Vanderbilt hospital have been awesome. I really thank them for everything, for my health.” He had just finished coaching Fisk in his first season when he went home for a week break and had the stroke. “I blame it on them sometimes when I want to joke around with my [players]: ‘Y’all caused it. We were losing too and everything and ‘Boom,’ ” Anderson quipped.
Anderson, 50, has returned to the Beach Ball this year for the first time since he was a player 1988 in another role. He is in his third season as the coach of historically black Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, which competes at the NAIA level. “I had some great times at the Beach Ball Classic. This is my first time here [since 1988],” he said. “It’s kind of strange because now I”m coaching and I’m looking at players to get, knowing I had success here in the tournament. It’s just interesting and great being back in South Carolina.”
Nearly five months since the stroke, Anderson, has made enormous strides in recovery. “I’m feeling great,” he said. “I’m almost back to normal.” The Saturday morning of Feb. 23, Anderson was in his South Florida home visiting for a weekend off after his first season as men’s basketball coach at NAIA Fisk University, a historically black university in Nashville, Tenn. “My right side couldn’t move, and then I went blind on my right side,” Anderson recalled. “And I went ‘Whoa!’ and I fell back. … It came on and it knocked me out.”
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