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Eric Koreen: "Even though we've heard this kind of thing could happen, there's still confusion and sadness," says Suns coach Monty Williams. "I find it hard to figure out things that help a situation like that. I don't know how to be a part of that solution."
Rod Boone: James Borrego on today's events: "The pain, the hurt in this country right now, it’s real. … It’s disheartening. It’s disappointing, it’s embarrassing for our country to be at this point. It’s not the country I want my kids to inherit and it’s extremely sad.”
Rod Boone: James Borrego said although they are professionals, it's tough to play a game tonight in the wake of what's going on in Washington. Also said it's difficult to not be with his family on days like this. "This is bigger than basketball," he said.
Tim Reynolds: The Celtics talked as a team about the Jacob Blake case today. "It's been a heavy 24 hours, 48 hours," Brad Stevens said. Neither the Celtics nor the Heat have formally discussed any actions or protests for tonight.
Josh Robbins: Magic coach Steve Clifford when asked about the events in Washington: "We can disagree about policies or about the way the country should be run. But there's no place in our country for what's going on right now. That's not a protest. They've gone way over the line. It's sad. Our country, we're being laughed at all over the world from the way we've handled the pandemic to this. It's a sad day for everybody."
Mark Medina: Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce on today's riots in D.C.: "It's not unexpected. It's tragic in nature. It's a sad reality. It's unfortunate this is what we're looking at in our county after the year we've been through, but it's not unexpected."
Mike Vorkunov: Tom Thibodeau on the insurrection at the Capitol: "It’s shocking. Disappointing. I haven’t had an opportunity to speak to the team yet.. As Americans you want everyone to be safe. We can debate things & do all that but once there is violence involved it’s not good for anybody."
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February 28, 2021 | 10:49 am EST Update
Brooklyn, which is clearly all-in on winning a championship, covets Drummond. But sources said three other Eastern Conference playoff-bound teams – Toronto, Boston and Miami – wouldn’t mind taking Drummond off the Cavs’ hand as well. “All of those teams in the East know they need an established and reliable big if they were to face Embiid or Giannis in the playoffs,’’ an Eastern Conference executive said.
With seemingly no inclination to spend money and pay the luxury tax and, with GM Jon Horst having virtually mortgaged the team’s future — he dealt three No. 1 picks (all unprotected) to acquire Jrue Holiday, the Bucks options are clearly limited. One player who could come at a small price and help them is Glenn Robinson III, who was recently released by Sacramento and whom the Bucks have shown interest in in the past. “I think he’s a solid player,’’ a player personnel official said of Robinson. “His shot is pretty good; his defense is pretty good. I think he’d be a handy pickup for a team like the Bucks looking for an off-the-bench guy.’’
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Ray Allen interested in owning a Seattle SuperSonics stake

The founder of Girls Talk Sports TV, Khristina Williams, asked Allen’s interest in owning a Seattle Sonics stake. “So, I tell people when you believe in something or when you have a goal or idea. You write it down, and then you tell your friend or tell somebody you don’t know. The reason why you do that because you can’t run away from it. Cause a lot of times, and people don’t share their goals because they are afraid if they don’t accomplish them, they are a failure,” said Allen. “Even when you don’t accomplish them, you learned something. You have information, and then you go back to the drawing board. So, we have to give our desires and our dreams to the world to help us inspire. So, the signs tell us everything, and I have put stuff like that into the universe, like one day, I want to run a marathon, run a triathlon, I want to own an NBA team. There are small little things that push you into a direction or away from it.”
“I would love for Seattle to have a team, and I would love to be part of the ownership. When I left Seattle in 07, so many were disenchanted with the ownership, and the one thing that I told them was, this is something people all over the world in any city with a sports team. People were upset with the then owners, and I told them, listen, I wear Seattle on my chest, but I only wear it for a brief time. When I leave, this is your city. You always have to fight for your city, for your team, and the pride of what it is. You cannot lose a sports team in your city because it is a community resource. As an adult you have your frustrations and things that piss you off the dynamics, the politics, but we do things for the kids.
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February 28, 2021 | 6:15 am EST Update

Kevin Love unlikely to return before All-Star break

Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love is on this quick two-game trip with his teammates so he can continue to rehab a high-grade strained right calf, but the five-time All-Star is “unlikely” to return until after the NBA All-Star break, league sources tell
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