Joe Mullinax: Tyus on maintaining a normal focus tonigh…

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Joe Mullinax: Tyus Jones is up next. He was asked abt yesterday's events & if the team's discussed it. "You wanna say it's unreal or unbelievable, but a lot of us aren't surprised." The team has talked about the different standards in this country & using platform for change
Ohm Youngmisuk: Paul George: "I would have been all for the league to shut down. I think this is something that definitely should have been addressed but there's a fine line because it does give people some positivity to watch games...but I definitely would have been all for [NBA] shutting down"
Malika Andrews: Clippers Marcus Morris on Warriors and Clippers kneeling during the National Anthem: “My personal opinion: that wasn't enough. I thought we shouldn't have played." Morris noted the two teams never discussed not playing, but felt that some things take precedence over basketball.
Gerald Bourguet: "Nobody ever leaves the arena with their uniform on. I leave the arena every game as just a Black man." Chris Paul says they will continue to work together to figure things out
“It was just a bizarre scene, but it was a pretty clear reminder that the truth matters,” Kerr said. “We’ve been talking about this for years. The truth matters in our country and anywhere and in any circumstance, because of the repercussions if we allow lies to spread and if we enable people in power to lie. All of a sudden you have millions of people who are doubting an election that was certified in every state. We had 7 or 8 million more people vote for Biden than for Trump. Every state has certified those results. Every court appeal has been turned down. A legitimate election is suddenly questioned by millions of people, including many of the people who are leading our country in government, because we’ve decided over the past few years to allow lies to be told.
However, not all in the basketball world are on one side and that goes for former players as well. One of them could be seen among the protesters as well. David Wood, who never hid his support of Trump, was present and even broadcasted the whole ordeal online. Wood, 56, played professionally for two decades including stints with nine NBA teams as well as several European clubs. Among them, mostly Spanish teams: Barça, Baskonia, Unicaja, Murcia, Gran Canaria, and Fuenlabrada.
"It's very emotional," Beal said. "It's very disheartening in a lot of ways, because just the lack of sense of urgency there was to respond to what was going on versus protestors and Black Lives Matter over the summer. That was a direct standout from all over the world. Everybody addressed the same issue, I retweeted something Trump tweeted a few months ago, literally about the people who vandalize or disrespect any piece of federal property in Portland and around the U.S. Those people would face a minimum of 10 years in prison. So we'll see if he has his foot in his mouth or that is something he really, truly stands for. Because of the people who were invading our capital ... they invaded the capitol. It's unheard of.
Tyrese Haliburton: Why don’t you tell us?
Eric Woodyard: Reigning 2-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo shares his perception of America after seeing so many recent negative incidents targeting Black people. “My kid is black. And I can not imagine my kid going through what I see and what I see on the TV,” he said. See full comment below.
Rob Schaefer: Billy Donovan, on the events in DC today: "Obviously I think it just goes to show that we have still a long way to go as a country... I thought the players in the bubble did a really, really good job just bringing awareness to a lot of the social injustice issues that we need...
Josh Lewenberg: Nick Nurse on today's riots in D.C.: "Obviously really disturbing. Disturbing, disgusting, incredulous, sad. I think it's sad. It just seems to not stop and it just seems to not improve. That's pretty much my thoughts on it."
Eric Koreen: "Even though we've heard this kind of thing could happen, there's still confusion and sadness," says Suns coach Monty Williams. "I find it hard to figure out things that help a situation like that. I don't know how to be a part of that solution."
Rod Boone: James Borrego on today's events: "The pain, the hurt in this country right now, it’s real. … It’s disheartening. It’s disappointing, it’s embarrassing for our country to be at this point. It’s not the country I want my kids to inherit and it’s extremely sad.”
Rod Boone: James Borrego said although they are professionals, it's tough to play a game tonight in the wake of what's going on in Washington. Also said it's difficult to not be with his family on days like this. "This is bigger than basketball," he said.
Tim Reynolds: The Celtics talked as a team about the Jacob Blake case today. "It's been a heavy 24 hours, 48 hours," Brad Stevens said. Neither the Celtics nor the Heat have formally discussed any actions or protests for tonight.
Josh Robbins: Magic coach Steve Clifford when asked about the events in Washington: "We can disagree about policies or about the way the country should be run. But there's no place in our country for what's going on right now. That's not a protest. They've gone way over the line. It's sad. Our country, we're being laughed at all over the world from the way we've handled the pandemic to this. It's a sad day for everybody."
Mark Medina: Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce on today's riots in D.C.: "It's not unexpected. It's tragic in nature. It's a sad reality. It's unfortunate this is what we're looking at in our county after the year we've been through, but it's not unexpected."
Mike Vorkunov: Tom Thibodeau on the insurrection at the Capitol: "It’s shocking. Disappointing. I haven’t had an opportunity to speak to the team yet.. As Americans you want everyone to be safe. We can debate things & do all that but once there is violence involved it’s not good for anybody."
Tyus Jones: Wow
Markieff Morris: Wow!
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