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June 20, 2021 | 11:12 pm EDT Update
This offseason, Embiid is once again extension eligible but at a higher price tag and possible financial risk exposure to the 76ers in the future. By earning All-NBA in 2020-21, Embiid met the supermax criteria and is eligible to sign an extension for four years and up to $190 million. The dollar amount is based off 35% of the projected $121.5 million cap in 2023-24 and could increase.
Storyline: Joel Embiid Extension
For its part, the franchise is committed to the rapid timeline. They allowed Griffin to pull the plug after handing out two lucrative contracts, paying more than $12 million combined to send Gentry and Van Gundy packing. And now, they’re giving Griffin the flexibility to hire yet another coach. One who wants to work with Williamson, and channel his frustration into passion toward turning the franchise into a winning direction. It shouldn’t be a hard sell. Sources indicate the issue is far more about losing games than anything intrinsically about New Orleans, including the small market footprint.