Ham’s second story: “I was having a beer with Craig…

Ham’s second story: “I was having a beer with Craig Sager, and Kobe was coming back from having a workout with I think Tim Grover. He goes up, changes his clothes, comes back down, and we’re sitting there. Miami was playing somebody in the second round, and it’s the Dwyane Wade, LeBron, Chris Bosh team. We’re talking about the game, and he asked what I was drinking. I had a little Jack Daniels. Hetold the server, ‘Get my man some Jack Daniels, and I’m going to take some patron.’ Mind you, we’ve got an elimination game the next night. I’m like, ‘You drink? No way in hell.’ We both busted out laughing, and he said, ‘Hell yeah, if you deal with some of the sh*t that I have to deal with, yes indeed.’ I almost fell out of my chair.”
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