“I talked to him about” the reports, Kerr said afte…

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“I tell the players all the time and I told Kelly today, this is where you really earn your money. The basketball part is the easy part. Packing up your family and leaving, getting injured, getting booed, or reading your name in trade rumors, those thing are not easy. So I was really proud of Kelly. He handled it really well. “We texted this afternoon, and I told him just now how proud I was of him, because it’s not easy to play through that stuff, and he came in and had one of his best games.”
In an interview with the Bay Area News Group, coach Steve Kerr said had it not been for Thompson’s injury, the Warriors may not have used the trade exception at all this offseason. “It 100% triggered the Oubre trade,” Kerr said. “I’m not sure we were going to use the TPE if Klay had been healthy. It was more likely that we would have used the mid-level exception, maybe split it up. That’s what we were talking about anyway.”
Joe Mussatto: The Kelly Oubre trade to Golden State is official. pic.twitter.com/RHjLSS3tyL

David Aldridge: Once again, the Thunder’s front office didn’t waste time, working with a player who wanted to move on & dealing him, quickly, for yet another first-round pick (I believe that makes 18 firsts that OKC now controls between 2021-26). Oubre is "hyped," per source, to join the Dubs.
The Golden State Warriors are finalizing a trade to acquire Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kelly Oubre, Jr., for a 2021 protected first-round pick, sources tell ESPN. The Warriors will only convey that pick to the Thunder next season should they finish 21-to-30 in the final regular season standings. If the Warriors land in the top 20, they'll send two second-round picks to Oklahoma City, sources said.
The Warriors will absorb Oubre and his $14.4 million expiring contract into a trade exception - costing the franchise a staggering $66 million additional luxury tax. Golden State has a historic luxury bill on the horizon -- $134 million based on the team's current payroll. The Warriors will receive a discount of their tax bill if league revenue decline this season.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Sources: The Warriors will only convey that first-round pick next season should they finish 21-to-30 in the final regular season standings. If the Warriors land in the top 20, they’ll send two second-round picks to OKC.
Bobby Marks: Golden State tax bill is currently $66M The addition of Kelly Oubre would see it increase to $134M $14.4M of Oubre + $68M in taxes= $82.4M
The Phoenix Suns today acquired point guard Chris Paul and forward Abdel Nader from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecque and a protected 2022 first-round pick.
Oubre could be a trade chip for Phoenix as he prepares to enter unrestricted free agency next summer. “You might want to get a good look at him and see if he adds something to your team,” one executive said of trading for Oubre. “You can see if he’ll stay instead of chasing money. Maybe try and convince him to take a short-term deal if he plays well and then cashes in again.”
Gina Mizell: Kelly Oubre Jr. on if there's a sense of relief after the trade deadline: "The first thing we said when we saw each other this morning was, 'We made it.' Everybody here loves each other. To leave this group of guys would be heartbreaking. But we’re all here, so it’s a blessing."
Duane Rankin: Quick takes from #Suns lockerroom. 1. Monty Williams pointed to fatigue as 4 starters played 41-plus minutes, but took blame. 2. Kelly Oubre Jr. joked he hoped someone wouldn't tell him while he was on the bench or in lockerroom with teammates when asked about trade rumors.
Marc Stein: The Suns are fielding trade calls on Kelly Oubre with 22 hours and change to go before the NBA trade deadline, league sources say
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Kyle Korver unsure about future

Korver was on “The Rematch” with Etan Thomas on Basketball News recently and discussed his current status. “It’s a good question; I’m not sure. After the bubble, it was such a quick turnaround and I didn’t feel like I had really prepared for another season. I believe in honoring the game,” Korver told Thomas on the podcast. “I don’t want to take a up a spot on a team [if I’m not ready to play]. I didn’t feel like I had really put in that time and that work. I have not signed any [retirement] paperwork yet, so… But I don’t know, it also feels good. It’s a conversation that I have with my wife on most days, so we’ll see… I don’t know, I’m not sure.”
Each moment – a short video from multiple angles – on Top Shot is a NFT. This is how moments (aka highlights) are bought, sold and traded in the digital marketplace. “NFTs in general, of which Top Shot is the first and a leader, could turn into a top 3 revenue source for the NBA over the next 10 years,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wrote to USA TODAY Sports in an email.
“(It’s) near impossible to get a pack and the lowest cost pricing for a card is escalating quickly as the available for sale supply is being overwhelmed by the demand,” Cuban wrote. “That will be the biggest challenge: maintaining the equilibrium of supporting the existing prices in their marketplace while keeping pricing low for new collectors and investors. They may have to do HUGE mints of new packs and see how the marketplace evolves.”