Ava Wallace: Scott Brooks, on how the coaching staff en…

Ava Wallace: Scott Brooks, on how the coaching staff ensures it doesn’t lose its voice in the locker room at 6-17: “We do our job every night, I believe in our guys. We’re gonna continue to work, we’re gonna continue to get better, we’re going to continue to find ways to improve our team.”

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Fred Katz: Scott Brooks: "We gotta be better. I don’t know. We gotta take pride in our man. Too many times we’re getting beat on offensive rebounds and turnovers."
Head coach Scott Brooks, who is in the final season of his five-year contract, looks lost trying to find effective lineups. League sources say Brooks is sitting firmly on the hot seat. New coach or not, the team also just needs to be better. Some of their returning players are struggling—Davis Bertans has apparently lost his jumper, and Thomas Bryant still can’t protect the rim (and now he’s out for a season with a torn ACL). Their new additions haven’t moved the needle, either—Robin Lopez looks roasted, and Deni Avdija is just a rookie figuring things out.
Brooks is an interesting candidate for replacement. He has one more year on his deal, which is pricey by non-elite coaching standards. He’s in his fourth season, and things are pretty bad. But he’s managed to stay above the fray and it seems like the players — including Bradley Beal — still like him. And the situation with his boss, Tommy Sheppard, is a little weird: Sheppard is newly in the role of front office head honcho, but Sheppard was in the front office when Brooks was hired and one assumes they have worked together a lot. So this might not quite be a “new GM, new coach” situation like we’ll see in Chicago.
There’s been next to no pressure on the franchise this year. There’s been no hint that Scott Brooks’ job is in any jeopardy. Everyone understands, big picture, that this season is about development, and finding two or three guys that can go forward with the team next season when Wall returns and Washington adds what should be a high Lottery pick.
He’ll have to give fans a vision of how he’ll fix this team that is both public and realistic. And he’ll have to decide whether it makes sense to keep Beal and build around him, or go for a total teardown, trade Beal at the height of his value around the league, and start over. (That would necessarily mean a change, ultimately, at head coach, though Scott Brooks is in no danger for next season, per multiple sources.)
Fred Katz: Leonsis on if he'll decide Scott Brooks' status before hiring a new GM/prez: "Right now, we have decided on Scott’s status. He’s the coach of the team, and Tommy (Sheppard) is doing what he was doing reporting to me." More here: pic.twitter.com/nSrFeQmH9l
Despite the Washington Wizards falling to 1-5 following an embarrassing 32-point loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, head coach Scott Brooks continues to have the full support of the franchise, league sources told Yahoo Sports.
Brooks has three years remaining on a five-year, $35 million deal. Washington has allowed a league-high 125 points a game after losing 136-104 to the Clippers. Dwight Howard, who has been sidelined with a buttocks injury, is expected to make his season debut this week, league sources told Yahoo Sports, and the Wizards hope he can provide them with a defensive boost.
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