Chris Kirschner: Lloyd Pierce says Cam Reddish is out a…

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Sarah K. Spencer: Hawks injury report for tomorrow’s game at Cleveland: Cam Reddish (right Achilles soreness) is probable. Rajon Rondo (low back pain) is questionable. Bogdanovic (avulsion fracture, right knee), Dunn (right ankle surgery) and Hunter (right knee surgery) are out.
Sarah K. Spencer: Cam Reddish (right Achilles tightness) is AVAILABLE tonight. Rajon Rondo (left ankle sprain) is OUT.
Chris Kirschner: For tonight’s game vs. Brooklyn: Danilo Gallinari (right ankle sprain) is probable. Clint Capela (right hand soreness) is questionable. Cam Reddish (right Achilles tightness) is questionable.   Rajon Rondo (left ankle sprain) is questionable.
Chris Kirschner: For tomorrow’s game: De’Andre Hunter (right knee soreness) is questionable. Cam Reddish (left knee contusion) is questionable. Danilo Gallinari (right ankle sprain) is doubtful. Bogdan Bogdanovic (avulsion fracture, right knee) is out. Kris Dunn (right ankle surgery) is out.
Sarah K. Spencer: Hawks injury report for tomorrow vs. Suns: Alex Len (left ankle sprain) and Cam Reddish (AC joint sprain - left shoulder) are probable. Chandler Parsons (injury management - bilateral knees) is doubtful First time we've seen Parsons listed as "doubtful" instead of ruled out.
Chris Kirschner: For tomorrow’s game vs. Kings: Cam Reddish (right shoulder soreness) is probable. John Collins (league suspension) is out. Allen Crabbe (post op rehab – right knee) is out. Chandler Parsons (load management – bilateral knees) is out. Evan Turner (left Achilles pain) is out.
Kevin Chouinard: Hawks effectively swapped two-way players today. Charlie Brown Jr. is up with ATL and Brandon Goodwin is back with College Park. My uneducated guess is that is has to do with Trae exiting the injury report and Cam being added to it.
Chris Kirschner: For tomorrow’s game vs NOP: Cam Reddish is probable. Brandon Goodwin (right hip bruise) is questionable. Allen Crabbe (post op) is out. Chandler Parsons (load management – bilateral knees) is out. Ray Spalding (dental pain) is out Evan Turner (left Achilles pain) is out.
Stefan Bondy: Spoke to Cam Reddish who said he’s two weeks removed from surgery on his groin and he’s confident in being drafted in the 3-to-8 range tomorrow. He met with the Knicks but couldn’t work out. DeAndre Hunter, a projected top-10 pick, said he neither met nor worked out w/ the Knicks
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Paul George's toe injury not a concern anymore?

Ohm Youngmisuk: Paul George says his toe and mental game is in a good place. “I just got into a good groove, rhythm, physical, mental space. I know what I need to do… I’ve been locked in and focused… I’ve just been at peace, I’m loving and enjoying the game. And the team is coming together.”
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At 33, Curry is in the midst of the type of special relationship with one team and one region that few of today’s players can match. As Curry now sits 18 points behind Chamberlain ahead of tonight’s matchup with the Denver Nuggets (10 p.m. ET on ESPN), we caught up with three all-time greats from three different eras, who all understand the responsibility that comes with being the face of an organization for an entire career: Dirk Nowitzki, Reggie Miller and Jerry West. Passing Chamberlain will only solidify what the organization has known for years. “Look,” Miller said of Curry. “He is Mr. Warrior. He’s Mr. Warrior.”
“I remember how big a fan I was of A-Rod. Still am,” Towns said late Sunday night. “I went to Walmart and Walmart had just got these new super replica off-the-way A-Rod jerseys. I was like, ‘Mom, I got to get this A-Rod jersey.’ It was like $35. “She’s like, ‘Go try it on in the fitting room.’ I feel like the biggest man on campus. I know damn well I can’t afford one at Modell’s. I know that’s too much money for us. But Walmart? I may be able to finagle this. She goes, ‘Great! Leave it on.’ You ain’t got to tell me twice. You know how bad I want this jersey?”
As Towns sat down in front of the Zoom screen to recap the emotional night, he was well aware of newcomer Rougned Odor leading the Yankees to an extra-inning win against the Rays earlier in the day. He wore a Yankees cap and jersey on a Timberwolves team plane in 2019, during a Yankees-Twins playoff series, to reaffirm where his baseball loyalties lie. “A-Rod is one of the best baseball players that ever lived,” Towns said. “To have his charisma and his aura is going to make a lot of people gravitate towards here. From the standpoint of understanding players and the grind you go through, it’s something a former professional athlete can know.”
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