“The league is cool with (Game of Zones). But technic…

“The league is cool with (Game of Zones). But technically they work for the owners and technically they had to let us know Dolan wasn’t cool with it,” Malamut said on the podcast ‘Rejecting the Screen’ with hosts Adam Stanco and Noah Coslov. “But everyone else was like, ‘That’s just this particular guy (Dolan), he’s a little fussy.’”

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James Dolan couldn’t take the joke and his anger went all the way to the top. The Knicks owner complained to NBA commissioner Adam Silver about a 2018 episode of “Game of Zones,” an animated web series that poked fun of various NBA teams and characters, according to the show’s co-creator, Adam Malamut. Dolan’s complaints also reached David Levy, the former president of Turner, but were brushed aside, according to Malamut, who implied that Dolan’s hothead reputation made him easy to ignore.
Game of Zones heavily featured players and coaches in earlier seasons and it’s nice to see them add NBA writers and insiders on this episode. Wade began his apprenticeship under Maester Marc Stein. Yes, the same guy who breaks injury report stories for The New York Times. Wade jotted down some notes as Stein hysterically dictated that a horse suffered four full ACL and Achilles tears.
D-Wade then reported to Maester Wind Horse (Brian Windhorst), who channeled his inner Lord Varys. The library scene featured several media gems hidden in bookshelves, including “Chris Broussard Fiction”, and “Van Gundian Rants” (an ode to the Van Gundy brothers), as well as a “Celtics Porn” section where a creepy-looking Bill Simmons lingers. Maester Wind Horse even managed to take a shot at James Harden who “vanishes in a meaningful playoff game”.
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