However, efficiency is going up. The league-wide offens…

However, efficiency is going up. The league-wide offensive rating was 111.8/100 entering Monday. Since the 1973-74 season, when the introduction of offensive rebounds and turnovers to the box score allowed the stat to be tracked, the prior record was 110.6/100. Last year. Effective Field Goal Percentage? 53.6 percent, a record. Free throw percentage? 77.8 percent, a record. 3-Point percentage? 36.8 percent, a record. Turnover rate? 12.6 percent, not a record, merely the second-lowest of all time to 2018-19. The result of the league playing as fast as it has in 30 years and more efficiently than at any other point in history is predictable. The NBA’s 112.0-point scoring average is 11th all time and the highest since 1970-71. Pace stats aren’t kept that far back, but teams averaged 9.6 more field goal attempts and 10.7 more free throw attempts per game that season than they have so far this year, strongly suggesting the league played at a much higher possession rate in those days.
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