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May 13, 2021 | 5:03 am EDT Update

League could delay playoff games if there are positive tests

The league continues to monitor every potential impact coronavirus could have on its players. Discussions are near constant and have included the possibility of delaying playoff games in the instance of positive tests, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Those conversations have not gone so far to set a tipping point. Teams with fewer vaccinated players are naturally at greater risk of seeing cases spread among teammates.
That said, Jokic has been getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop for a lot longer than just this season. According to @atlhawksfanatic database of Last Two Minute Reports, Jokic has been on the wrong end of more bad calls than anyone else since 2015, which is as far back as the data goes. The chart below shows the players who have been disadvantaged the most from bad calls since the NBA started publicizing the Last Two Minute Reports.
He’s shooting three fewer attempts per game this season and three fewer 3-point attempts. “He has some guys out on the floor with him this year that we feel can help,” McMillan said. “He doesn’t have to put so much pressure on himself to be that scorer. He has weapons out on the floor with him and what he has to do is not put that pressure on himself to win the game himself. He has some guys who can help him do that.”
“The other day he came up to me and said, ‘I found out I’m stubborn,’” Young said. “I was like, ‘All right bro. I’m a little stubborn too.’ We’re kind of the same people. There are times where we talk and he’ll say something to me and I’ll say something back and we’re both going at each other. (Last week), I told him he was being stubborn and he looked at me and laughed. Those little things that you learn about each other and get to joke about on the court brings you closer together. I had that type of relationship with (Nuggets forward) Mike (Porter Jr.) back in high school, and it’s kind of that MOKAN-type (former AAU team) of feel for me as far as this connection with this group.”