Doug Smith: Raptors list Pat McCaw as out for tonight w…

Doug Smith: Raptors list Pat McCaw as out for tonight with left knee swelling That’s it for the 1:30 injury report

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Blake Murphy: Patrick McCaw is out indefinitely. He’s seeing a specialist for his nagging left knee issue.
Michael Grange: Patrick McCaw (knee soreness) ‘out indefinitely’ according to Nurse. Having more tests today to determine source of the issue.
Josh Lewenberg: Patrick McCaw is seeing a specialist re: his injured knee today. Nick Nurse says they're hoping to know more later this afternoon. He's out indefinitely.
Doug Smith: Mid-day NBA injury report as Pat McCaw out for the Raptors in Milwaukee tonight with left knee pain
Josh Lewenberg: McCaw returns tonight. Raptors have their full roster for the first time this season.
Tim Bontemps: Nick Nurse says both Pat McCaw and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson remain out tonight. Said there's a possibility at least one could return tomorrow against the Bulls in Chicago.
Ryan Wolstat: Patrick McCaw could return. Final check imminent.
Josh Lewenberg: Nick Nurse says Patrick McCaw and his injured thumb are being re-evaluated today, which should give them a better idea of timetable. They're hoping to have him back next week. "We could certainly now really use him."
Josh Lewenberg: Only Anunoby (probable) and McCaw (out) listed on the afternoon injury report. Would expect the Raps to play these next 2 games (tonight in Charlotte, Sunday vs Miami) straight up and rest guys (Kawhi, Lowry, maybe others) in next Tuesday's season finale @ Minnesota.
Tim Bontemps: Kerr says it “would be a tough spot” to put McCaw in the middle of a game, given how long he’s been out. That said, he didn’t rule it out.
Shams Charania: The Golden State Warriors are planning to activate Pat McCaw for Game 6 tonight against Houston, league sources tell Yahoo. McCaw is expected to be in uniform for first time since scary injury on March 31.
Anthony Slater: Patrick McCaw's missed two months since that scary fall, had trouble walking/sleeping for about a month. Very slow recovery, sped up the past few weeks. Would be an almost impossible ask to drop him right in these West Finals and expect much. But wing depth is needed.
Connor Letourneau: Patrick McCaw will miss at least four more weeks with a spine contusion, per the Warriors. Seems unlikely at this point that he'll play in these playoffs.
Mark Medina: Do the math, and Patrick McCaw is out at least through the Western Conference Finals assuming the Warriors go that far. McCaw will be reevaluated in four weeks, which is when NBA Finals start
After a day off, Curry and the Warriors will practice Monday to prepare for Game 2. The Warriors are still without second-year guard Patrick McCaw (back), who will be re-evaluated in early May and is still walking gingerly. But at least with Curry back, the Warriors’ starting five would be at full strength at the most important time of the season. “It’s exciting for him to get back to the place that he enjoys the most, which is playing basketball,” Durant said. “I’m excited as his brother that he’s out there. We’ll see what happens next game.”
Logan Murdock: Warriors' latest injury report for game 2: Andre Iguodala (left thigh contusion) is available to play. Stephen Curry (left MCL sprain) is out. Patrick McCaw (lumbar spine contusion) is out.
Patrick McCaw: Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers! God definitely is watching over me, I'm blessed beyond measure! @Vince Carter I know you didn't mean to harm me in any way! To my coaches, teammates, friends and family I love you guys so much for being there with me!!!
Logan Murdock: Warriors are calling Pat McCaw's injury a "lumbar spine contusion." He will be released from the hospital today and follow-up with a specialist Thursday.
Chris Haynes: ESPN Sources: Golden State guard Patrick McCaw cleared all tests, including MRI, and expectation is he’ll be released from hospital today. No official diagnosis as of now and return timetable to be determined.
Carter, who was given a Flagrant-1 foul, knelt nearby as medical personnel from both teams along with Warriors coach Steve Kerr rushed out to the baseline beneath Golden State's basket. "Vince is not that type of guy, he's never been that type of guy," Golden State's Draymond Green said. "Freak accidents, things happen. A guy jumps and he didn't touch him much if you're as high as you can jump you lose your balance easier. I know that was tough on Vince."
McCaw landed on his lower back/tailbone area with a loud, distressful thud and immediately squirmed around in excruciating pain as the arena fell silent. A furious Steve Kerr rumbled up the sidelines, upset at the possibility that a wily, well-respected NBA vet may have just altered the career of a second-year guard months away from restricted free agency. “God damnit!” Kerr yelled toward the referee. “I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Vince. He knows better.”
After McCaw was wheeled off, both teams came together for a quick prayer at the exact spot that the foul was committed. Kerr, yelling at Carter moments earlier, put his hand on the veteran's shoulder. The play was deemed a flagrant. Kerr chose Kevin Durant to shoot the free throws. Before taking them, Durant walked over to Carter — a player he grew up idolizing — and offered a handshake and hug.
Marcin Gortat: Its hard to see young man go down like this :( I hope Pat McCaw is ok. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
He drove the baseline and went down with a thud at the 41.8-second mark of the third quarter, hit in the lower body by Carter. McCaw lay still and in agony for about 10 minutes as the crowd quieted. Carter, who was given a Flagrant-1 foul, knelt nearby as medical personnel from both teams along with Warriors coach Steve Kerr rushed out to the baseline beneath Golden State's basket.
Chris Haynes: ESPN Sources: Golden State guard Patrick McCaw experienced numbness upon landing, but has since regained sensation in leg. A chest X-ray came back clear. He is awaiting results of CT Scan and will also undergo an MRI.
Anthony Slater: Entire Warriors team surrounding a fallen Patrick McCaw in Sacramento. He's been down for several minutes. Trainers/medics still working to get him on stretcher.
Kayte Christensen: Vince Carter, standing by watching looking very distraught and concerned. Steve Kerr went to Vince and put his hand on his back as a sign of reassurance
Sean Cunningham: "I just hope he's ok. I play this game because I love it and enjoy it, not to see young guys get hurt,. He has a bright future," said Vince Carter after the game. "I don't like to see him (laying) there in pain, saying he can't feel his lower half. it doesn't sit well with me."
Mark Medina: More injury news: Patrick McCaw told me his back "is pretty bad right now." But he thinks he'll be fine with treatment next few days
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Walton’s job security has been the subject of speculation since general manager Monte McNair was hired to replace Vlade Divac in September, but Walton said the uncertainty doesn’t concern him. “It doesn’t weigh on me because it’s the same thing I always talk about — it’s control what you can control — the same message I give my players every day,” Walton said. “To me, the storyline and the focus of Sacramento right now should be on this team and the excitement of what we saw out of our young rookie in Tyrese and the progress that De’Aaron Fox made and the year Richaun Holmes and Harrison Barnes had, and even Buddy — watching Buddy continue to grow and start having games with seven or eight assists and low turnovers.
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“That’s what we should be talking about as a group and as an organization. So if you ask me, I’ll tell you, no, I’m not concerned at all because it doesn’t do anything for me or the group to be concerned, so we’ll stay focused on the positive and the good things. Like I continue to say, I’m excited about this group and excited about our future.” The Kings went 31-41 to finish 12th in the Western Conference for the second year in a row. They missed the playoffs for the 15th consecutive season, matching the longest postseason drought in NBA history, but despite their struggles, there were some positive developments.
“I’m very pleased and excited with a lot of the progress we made from a team standpoint and individuals,” Walton said. “You go down the line and I could make a case that even guys like Harrison, who’ve had some really good years in their career, to me he was playing some of his best basketball. … You can go down the line and, to me, that’s something that’s working. “… Look, we’re all frustrated. We want to be part of a postseason. I know the organization does, the fans do, the media does, so that part of it is disappointing, but you’ve got to look at the good, too, and the progress that so many of these guys have made this year.”
If the Wolves do not reach a contract agreement with him before free agency opens this summer, Vanderbilt will be a restricted free agent. That would give the Wolves the right to match any offer that comes in. For his part, Vanderbilt says he likes the vibe around a team that has played much better down the stretch and he doesn’t take for granted that the opportunity he long hoped to get came in Minnesota. “It’s been a rocky journey, but those guys have supported me throughout the whole way,” Vanderbilt said. “They’ve seen me put in the work, so as a teammate when I see guys putting in the work and you see them paying off, it’s a great feeling to see it work out.”
Since Hart was drafted by the Lakers in 2017, the 26-year-old has garnered a reputation as the ultimate “glue guy”. He has played every position except for center and can start (65 games) or come off the bench as a sixth man (177 games). Hart, who suffered a season-ending thumb injury in early April, finished first in rebounds (8.0 per game) among all small forwards. At the minimum, Hart will have teams lined up with their $9.5 million midlevel exception and should see offers in the $12-13 million range. According to ProFitX, the projected high on a new contract in 2021-22 for Hart would start at $11.8 million.
For Jokic, any talk of resting in the finale — even after Malone had given nights off to other members of the rotation in recent days — was a non-starter. Why? “Because I’m not hurt,” he said after Sunday’s game. “I’m trying to be honest with myself. If I’m not hurt, I want to play and I want to be available for my team. Just to be out there and be available, it’s a big thing, maybe, for the rest of the guys in our group that they can follow.” Jokic’s raw numbers did most of the heavy lifting in his soft-spoken MVP candidacy this season. He finished the year averaging 26.4 points, 10.8 rebounds and 8.3 assists with shooting splits of 56.6 percent from the field, 38.8 percent from 3-point range and 86.8 percent from the free-throw line.
Ultimately, it’s on the Clippers to handle their business. There shouldn’t be any excuses in the postseason, and if the Clippers didn’t know that in 2020, they know it in 2021. If it starts with health, then they have it. Lue chose to protect that over any particular opponent or whatever rotational rhythm that could have been gained with five days in between the end of the regular season and the start of the postseason. “The main thing for us is just making sure we go into the playoffs healthy,” Lue said. “It was hard to run all those minutes on our young guys like that, but we just want to make sure that our core guys, our guys that we want to start the playoff with, that they’re healthy. And we was able to get through tonight with that, so I’m very happy about that.”