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Andrew Lopez: JJ Redick on his @OldManAndThree podcast re: trade to Dallas from NOLA: - Says he made a trade request in November before the season - Around the time of Jrue trade - Knew what was coming with Stan's defensive schemes - Had convos with Griff and Trajan.
Andrew Lopez: - If family came to NOLA, kids would have to quarantine for a week when they got back to Brooklyn - Says Griff basically told him, "Come down for a month, if you still want out, I give you my word, I'll get you to a situation you like" - Had 4 convos after this directly w Griff
Andrew Lopez: Redick: "Obviously, he did not honor his word." - Says his understanding once after he wasn't traded at aggregate deadline was that he was going to get a buyout or traded to a team in the Northeast
J.J. Redick is expected to be bought out by the New Orleans Pelicans after the trade deadline, a source tells Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Redick signed a two-year, $26.5 million deal with the Pelicans during the 2019 offseason.
JJ Redick could be an option for the Sixers in the buyout market. According to a league source, Redick is expected to get bought out of his contract with the New Orleans Pelicans. Redick wants to play for a team close to his home in Brooklyn. So the Sixers could be a option.
New Orleans actually pulled Redick from the lineup earlier this year as Griffin tried to work out a trade for him. After missing three games, he returned and showed the shooting form that has interested contenders -- 46.4% from 3-point range since the start of February -- but he's now out again, this time after undergoing a nonsurgical procedure on his left heel. The injury and his $13 million salary make finding a match for a trade difficult, and league insiders see him as a possible post-deadline buyout candidate.
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