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May 16, 2021 | 6:20 am EDT Update
Before the Pacers game, Vogel let it be known that he doesn’t intend to manipulate his lineup to end up with a lower seeding against a preferable opponent. “My opinion is, win as many games as you can and let the seeds fall where they may and be unafraid of any matchup,” he said. “I believe in the basketball gods.” Davis — who put up 28 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and two steals — shared the same steely eyed resolve, even though L.A. is just 13-16 since March 20, even with its current win streak. “We’re ready to play whatever game,” he said.
Damian Lillard: A shooting foul gets challenged… then overturned and instead of a jump ball (like every other time this happens ) you give the offensive team the ball back 🤔 Dylan Mickanen: This is what Dame is referring to btw. The call was reversed via a challenge but the NBA ruled Davis had possession so it was Lakers ball rather than a jump ball. LeBron hit a 3-pointer eight seconds later.
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
The third-seeded Bucks kept the pressure on the Nets by beating the Heat on Saturday night. But though the Nets lost the season tiebreaker to Milwaukee, they still lead the Bucks by a game and can earn the No. 2 seed — something they finally admit is a major goal. “Yeah, I think so. We just have one game to win, and we control our own destiny as far as the seedings go. We think that’s positive,” coach Steve Nash said before the Nets’ 105-91 win over the Bulls. “If we can win that game, it’s much better being the second seed. “It’s a little advantage we can create, and it just comes down to concentration and trying to close this deal [Sunday]. Yeah, we definitely want it.”
Lonzo Ball, along with multiple teammates, will miss the New Orleans Pelicans’ regular season finale against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday evening. Ball will miss the game with a right thumb sprain, the third straight game he’ll miss to end the season. Along with Ball, Steven Adams (right MTP sprain), Josh Hart (right thumb surgery), Brandon Ingram (left ankle sprain) and Zion Williamson (left hand fracture) all will be out as well on the night. It will be the third straight game that group of five players will miss with the Pelicans losing each of those games.
Storyline: Lonzo Ball Injury